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Jubo's Simfiles / [Jubo-365] D-Selections - LAYon-theLINE [Kakegurui ED]
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:13:16 AM »

D-Selections - LAYon-theLINE [賭ケグルイ / Kakegurui ED]

Download here: (32.4 MB)

It's Saturday and here is the start of the Ending Theme fiasco weeks?
Yumeko Boobilious Animations! But those flower animation wow but Mako's (Ballroom e Youkoso) dance floor flower burst bloom was better?
I wish I had a better Yumeko banner picture... ;) but meh good enough for a generic banner :)

I think there is sooooo many interesting sounds in this song to make it very complex and difficult than I did on Challenge chart...
Especially KB chart will be interesting!
It needs a better audio quality than I have... Lazy to get a notch better quality than unreleased OST ver mm!

Next up my fav ED Koi to Uso! Hnnng! Song wise... Next Week?


純情のアフィリア / Junjou no Afilia - はじめてのSEASON / Hajimete no Season [はじめてのギャル / Hajimete no Gal OP]

Download here: (30.5 MB)

May not be the best... coming out from a long break (4+weeks) but should be alright to satisfy you with  8)
!?"Simple"?! patterns with cross-overs as usual.

I am back... One simfile more maybe this  Saturday?
Work is brutal to me this week schedule changes (benefits me in the long run thurs-fri off <3 than fri-sat)... So more simfile next week?


DAOKO×米津玄師/Yonezu Kenshi - 打上花火 / Uchiage Hanabi [打ち上げ花火, 下から見るか? 横から見るか? / Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? Music Video (2017)]

Download here: (79.3 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... Skyrocket Fireworks! Movie! It does count as summer anime 2017 right?
Jeez another long title name! again!

I won't be able to watch this unless ENG subs comes to cinema theaters here in North America (Canada for me) :D

Man... what is up with late-2016-2017 with these amazing movies? or just I am behind... Did many anime movie music videos this year... huh! :)

Simple song and I guess nice enough for me to care to step it :) Which I did kind of say it on reddit :D

I liked jacket gfx than banner gfx more ;) just to throw my opinion out there...

Enjoy my post-birthday party gift of mine  8)
More tomorrow? maybe? not?


富田美憂 (Tomita Miyu / Riko) & 伊瀬茉莉也 (Ise Mariya / Reg) - Deep in Abyss [メイドインアビス / Made in Abyss OP]

Download here: (32.4 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... Red Whistles Into the Abyss!

So my birthday week has become more simfile to work on HAHA... Another regular week routine. hehe!

Enjoy! Not much to say just enjoy :)

Off to do my birthday thing... Sleep maintaining my overnight schedule sleep :D


石見舞菜香, 金元寿子, 大久保瑠美 / Iwami Manaka, Kanemoto Hisako, Ookubo Rumi - GAMERS! [ゲーマーズ! / Gamers! OP]

Download here: (31.6 MB)
Requested by: Michael Jimenez (Facebook)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... GAMES!
Amano-Kun ruins Heroines Lives! :P HAHA~!

Anyways... This song has soooooooo many interesting layers to step too and very worthy for KB Chart stepping for sure... Too many chaotic streams can come out of this...

I wish I can translate those chaotic stream to my challenge step chart...
I planned it by the way it sounds, but didn't execute it as well I wanted it to be...
It is a "very difficult" to play in those sections for sure...
Hence I put a 15 footer, first time I done that in my PAD Simfiles WAT?! so WATCHOUT!
I'll revise and revisit remaking that chart later in the future or not? erm someday I'll execute it more to my liking :)

Facebook request even though I was planning to do it before the request oh well requires a shoutout either way :)

Only 1 Simfile this week?
I had medical checkup on my days off sigh... Fasting kills... only when after I get the energy to do this.
My birthday this new week so  8) Break week?


fhána - Hello! My World!! [ナイツ&マジック / Knight`s & Magic OP]

Download here: (32.6 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... MECHA~! Majikku-TRAP!
Why is the MC a male? HAHA~!

fhána YES! Making steps for it... NO! Complicated.
Always my problem with her songs... fhána sounds great as usual but I can't fully rephrase it to my step works :(

Steps are Chaotic... Beware Challenge mode :)

2/2 today :) err need sleep to work tonight :(
Later  8)


ZAQ - カーストルーム / Caste Room [ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ / Classroom of the Elite / Youjitsu / Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e OP]

Download here: (31.5 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... Classroom Class D.

It's ZAQ singing the OP nice... and Minami is singing the ED which is also no doubt great song too...
What great OP and ED themes deserves this in their Anime? Must be a great show? Yes it is...
Pretty interesting so far... Just like Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) minus the intent to kill. mmm! kool. Which I have not watch fully yet  :'(

The Steps on challenge maybe a bit troublesome with those 12/24th notes so beware of it.

1/2 today :) err need sleep to work tonight :(


A応P / AOP - Another World [異世界はスマートフォンとともに. / In Another World with My Smartphone / isesuma / Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. OP]

Download here: (31.4 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... Isekai Smartphone...
MC in another world after death with a huge advantage... heh? and There's Harem, then all its OK! HAH!

A応P/AOP/Anime Ouen Project doing the Opening. I LOVE IT already... pretty kool song with some difficulty step thrills I hear, meh pretty hard.
-I still need to do there 12sai S1ED and maybe S2OP Song... later... too many backlogs!

I think kind of over did the Challenge steps but :) hope you have fun... All the rest straight-forward. Heavy I may do a little bit harder steps in the future.

ED Theme in the works too. but all 6 heroines are singing it. :D

Special Release today :) work was less exhausting and got some energy to do this :)
Who knows when I do the next simfile :)


UNISON SQUARE GARDEN - 10% roll, 10% romance [ボールルームへようこそ / Welcome to the Ballroom / Ballroom e Youkoso OP1]

Download here: (31.2 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... Ballroom Dancing Hype! woooooaaah.

The WALTZ! the Giraffe neck sigh... I don't mind... I like it! something different from the mainstreams :D

Not to mention the OP1 by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN ------ OH MY GAWD! hehe you know its going to be some upbeat good happy beats and vocals singing to ya yup.

Step wise... I think I made the Challenge a bit chaotic with the 12-24ths drum rolling on the repeated chorus? all the rest may be crossovers several parts... no spins unfortunately :( (not sure I did a double-step section? that will always haunt me)

Only one this week...
Busy with the new 5 days a week work schedule and needed time to catch up on several animes plus more based files for simfile making in the future :)
See you next week on another simfile OP first then ED.


水瀬いのり / Minase Inori - アイマイモコ / Aimai Moko [徒然チルドレン / Tsurezure Children OP]

Download here: (20.8 MB)

Welcome Summer 2017 Anime Season.... Is it a dure or zure? Erm... whatever... I got both on there (songlist-ingame & Foldername) :P

So many characters for romance.... mmm Nice! another anime short :) OP seems good... so why not make it? and its 1 min :P

I decided with these two simfiles since they were short 1 min songs and I am pretty much not really in for the time since two days off from work and catching up on Anime... Err not enough time sigh.
2/2 Today... See ya next week! Work is killing my time :(

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