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Title: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: Jubo on November 15, 2015, 11:13:34 AM
Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD-
Group Main Banner
(http://otakusdream.com/images/padmix/OD4%20-%20bn.png) (http://otakusdream.com/images/padmix/OD4%20-%20bn%202.png) (http://otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%204%20-Pad-%20%5bMain%5d%20%5b7780DC60%5d.zip)

Group Jacket Cover
(http://otakusdream.com/images/padmix/OD4%20-%20Jacket.png) (http://otakusdream.com/images/padmix/OD4%20-%20Jacket%202.png) (http://otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%204%20-Pad-%20%5bMain%5d%20%5b7780DC60%5d.zip)

Special thanks to ITSUGO15 for leading this awesome project!
and of course... to all who participated this MIX... without them we can't even reach over 150 songs LMAO!
Last be not least, YOU the STEPMANIA PLAYERS always keep downloading Otaku's Dream Packs for all these year.
Thank YOU! and ENJOY~!

Now, head on/scroll on below for your fun  8)

Download Links - DDLs + Torrent

MAIN (858 MB) [CRC: 7780DC60]
Otaku's Dream Download Server (http://otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%204%20-Pad-%20%5bMain%5d%20%5b7780DC60%5d.zip)
Mega.nz (https://mega.nz/#!vxZHSCJR!RPrMBx3ILjjmFM4PFkTFd46yY_6CCRys8UdzBrSvjAQ)

Video Addon 1+2 (1.03 GB each) [CRC: p1-014AC0CA | p2-C9C1FBE8]
OD - Part 1 (http://otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%204%20-Pad-%20%5bVideo-Addon1%5d%20%5b014AC0CA%5d.zip)
Mega.nz - Part 1 (https://mega.nz/#!aoJxDbDJ!-fZz2jNejGAQ2PZv6w3ZJML0Gmhy5hIXpuGaMvTBA8E)

OD - Part 2 (http://otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%204%20-Pad-%20%5bVideo-Addon2%5d%20%5bC9C1FBE8%5d.zip)
Mega.nz - Part 2 (https://mega.nz/#!ntRQ0aKb!ou6FYHad0Z-Ze8CGnUC78H1_p8UdjnVhcKTEtAA0hdA)

TORRENT! Nyaa.se (http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=756913)

FAQs / Installation Instructions

What is the difference between MAIN and VIDEO-ADDON?
MAIN/VIDEO-ADDON Answer is... -Click here-
MAIN is the CORE of the pack.
You need it to play at least the song itself. No matter what you need download, exception the StepMania Program installed...
This, MAIN, is to be able to play the pack. SRSLY!

Video-addon is just basically nothing if you don't have MAIN on the same folder or extracted. It just contains the video backgrounds for the songs. We separate this due to the amount of filesize it is required to download and the amount storage space it is needed to be placed in your drives, if that is necessary.

Where do I save\extract the .zip file?
The Clueless New StepMania Player way -click here-
Once the the files are all done downloading...

Change all the files' name from .zip to .smzip

and open each of them and it will prompt you the stepmania installation program.
The save it PACKAGES folder way (Jubo's technical folders) -Click here-
BASICALLY, Microsoft WINDOWS users

1. Go to your START Menu
2. Look for your StepMania folder in ALL PROGRAMS
3. Click Open StepMania 5.* Program Folder
4. Now it should open up a window that shows the STEPMANIA folder, now look for PACKAGES
5. Save it there or drag and drop... whatever it is. Just save it there!

Advance users... all you need to know. Just save it in PACKAGES folder.
e.g. F:\StepMania 5\Packages
The typical old fashion way -click here-
Get WinZIP or WINRAR or 7zip program google it to install it.

Open it and it should be able to have it like normal window with folders, but only seeing the lonely SONGS folder in that window.

Then find your stepmania program... and extract it there.
Since the .zip is archive with the SONGS folder included, so you should extract it from root folder of StepMania rather the SONGS folder.

How to remove "pillars" "letterboxes" "black bars" on videos that are 4:3ar?
(related to StepMania 5+ and 16:9/16:10 Aspect Ratio screens which people should have these days)
This mostly for StepMania 5 players...

In options...

Under Display Options...

Enter "Set BGMode to Fit"

Select "Avoid Pillars" or whatever options you want :D

Song List / Statistics
Click here to view the TEXT VERSION LIST
1. "2/2" -by- Imamura Ayaka Feat. Suwa Ayaka (Huzure)
2. "A/Z" -by- SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. Mizuki (Itsugo15)
3. "Absolute Soul" -by- Suzuki Konomi (Huzure)
4. "Ai no Scenario" -by- Chico With HoneyWorks (Aikyoku)
5. "Akai Memories o Anata ni" -by- Kanade Momoko (Aikyoku)
6. "Akatsuki" -by- Shikata Akiko (Aikyoku)
7. "Akatsuki no Hana" -by- Cyntia (Jubo)
8. "Aliez" -by- SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. Mizuki (Huzure & Itsugo15)
9. "Anemone" -by- ClariS (Aikyoku)
10. "Anicca" -by- Harada Hitomi (Huzure)
11. "Apple Tea no Aji" -by- Yamamoto Nozomi Feat. Yamazaki Haruka (Jubo)
12. "Asayake no Starmine" -by- Imai Asami (Huzure)
13. "Bangin' Burst" -by- Camellia (Huzure)
14. "Beautiful Sentence" -by- Hara Yumi & Uchida Aya (Jubo)
15. "Believe" -by- Kalafina (Huzure)
16. "Believe in yourself" -by- Abe Mao (Jubo)
17. "Black White" -by- Nomizu Iori (Huzure)
18. "Blade of Hope" -by- Sweet Arms (Huzure)
19. "Blastix Riotz" -by- Camellia as "Bang Riot" (Huzure)
20. "Boku Janai" -by- Angela (Aikyoku)
21. "Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai Kore wa Bokutachi no Kotoba" -by- UVERworld (Aikyoku)
22. "Born to be" -by- nano (Huzure)
23. "Brand-new World " -by- Nishizawa Shiena (Huzure)
24. "Brave Shine" -by- Aimer (Huzure & Itsugo15)
25. "Bravely You" -by- Lia (Huzure)
26. "Bull`s Eye" -by- nano (Huzure & Itsugo15)
27. "Chikyuugi" -by- Matsuzawa Yumi (Itsugo15)
28. "Chochocho! Yuruyuri☆Capriccio!!!" -by- Nanamorichuu☆Gorakubu (Huzure)
29. "Circle Game" -by- Galileo Galilei (Itsugo15)
30. "Clattanoia" -by- O×T (Ooishi Masayoshi × Tom-H@ck) (Huzure & Itsugo15)
31. "Click" -by- ClariS (Huzure)
32. "Colorful." -by- Sawai Miku (Huzure)
33. "Comet Lucifer ~The Seed and the Sower~" -by- fhána (sengetoey)
34. "Courage" -by- Tomatsu Haruka (Huzure)
35. "croiX" -by- TeamGrimoire+amaneko (Huzure)
36. "Cry for the Truth" -by- Michi (Huzure)
37. "Crying" -by- 回路-kairo- (Itsugo15)
38. "Day x Day" -by- Blue Encount (Huzure)
39. "Dear Answer" -by- True (Aikyoku)
40. "Dear Brave" -by- Kano (Huzure)
41. "Dial Connected" -by- Sound Holic (Itsugo15)
42. "Dilemma" -by- Ecosystem (Huzure)
43. "Dream Solister" -by- True (Huzure)
44. "Ego-izm" -by- La La Larks (Itsugo15 & NXC-P)
45. "Elpis" -by- dj Taka (Huzure)
46. "Enigmatic Feeling" -by- Ling Toshite Shigure (Huzure)
47. "Everlasting Message" -by- penoreri (Huzure)
48. "Extra Magic Hour" -by- Akino with Bless4 (Huzure)
49. "Fallen" -by- Egoist (Huzure)
50. "Feed A" -by- Oldcodex (Huzure)
51. "Flyers" -by- Bradio (Huzure & Itsugo15)
52. "Flying Fafnir" -by- Trustrick (Huzure)
53. "Foe" -by- Yanagi Nagi (Aikyoku)
54. "Gate ~Sore wa Akatsuki no You ni~" -by- Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets (Huzure)
55. "Genesis" -by- Aoi Eir (Huzure)
56. "Gimme! Revolution" -by- Uchida Maaya (Huzure)
57. "Ginsen no Kaze" -by- Suzuki Konomi (NXC-P)
58. "Glitter Days" -by- Fo`xTails (Huzure)
59. "Glorious Days" -by- Three Lights Down Kings (Huzure)
60. "Gunjou Survival" -by- Komatsu Mikako (Huzure)
61. "Hajimete Girls!" -by- Ray (sengetoey)
62. "Hallelujah" -by- La La Larks (Itsugo15)
63. "Hana no Atosaki" -by- Mao (Louise)
64. "Harumodoki" -by- Yanagi Nagi (Huzure & Itsugo15)
65. "Hello!" -by- EastNewSound (Itsugo15)
66. "Hello, World!" -by- Bump of Chicken (Huzure)
67. "Hey World" -by- Iguchi Yuka (Huzure)
68. "Hey! Smith!!" -by- M.O.N (Itsugo15)
69. "Hikaru Nara" -by- Goose house (Jubo)
70. "Hito ni Yasashiku" -by- The Rolling Girls (Huzure)
71. "Hoshikuzu no Interlude" -by- fhána (Huzure)
72. "Houkago Kakumei" -by- Houkago Rakuen Bu (Huzure)
73. "Ideal White" -by- Ayano Mashiro (Huzure)
74. "Ideal White Full ver." -by- Ayano Mashiro (Huzure)
75. "Identity" -by- Sakai Mikio (Huzure)
76. "Innocent Blue" -by- Trident (NXC-P)
77. "Isotone" -by- Kon Natsumi (Huzure)
78. "JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~End of the World~" -by- JO☆STARS ~Tommy, Coda & Jin~ (Huzure)
79. "Kairaku Genri" -by- Anzai Chika, Makino Yui & Zougou Saeko (Jubo)
80. "Kakusei no Air" -by- Hatano Wataru (Aikyoku)
81. "Kakushinteki☆Metamarphose!" -by- Tanaka Aimi (Huzure)
82. "Kenzen Robo Daimidaler" -by- Endoukai (NXC-P)
83. "Kibou no Uta" -by- Ultra Tower (Huzure)
84. "Kimi-iro Signal" -by- Haruna Luna (Huzure)
85. "Kizuna ni Nosete" -by- Eyelis (Huzure)
86. "Kodama Kotodama" -by- Nano.Ripe (Huzure)
87. "Kuchizuke Diamond" -by- Weaver (Jubo)
88. "Kyouran Hey Kids!!" -by- The Oral Cigarettes (Huzure)
89. "L. L. L." -by- Myth & Roid (Huzure & Itsugo15)
90. "Lapis Lazuli" -by- Aoi Eir (Aikyoku)
91. "Laughing" -by- 回路-kairo- (Itsugo15)
92. "Let Me Hear" -by- Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (Huzure & Itsugo15)
93. "Liar Mask" -by- Mayama Rika (Huzure)
94. "Light for Knight" -by- Mimori Suzuko (Huzure)
95. "Line" -by- Sukima Switch (Itsugo15)
96. "Lost Emotion" -by- Alstroemeria Records (Itsugo15)
97. "Love Good Time" -by- SpecialThanks (Huzure)
98. "Lucid Dream" -by- EastNewSound (Itsugo15)
99. "Luminize" -by- fripSide (Louise)
100. "Miiro" -by- Akino from bless4 (Huzure & Itsugo15)
101. "Miiro Full ver." -by- Akino from bless4 (Huzure & Itsugo15)
102. "Millenario" -by- ELISA (Aikyoku)
103. "Miraikei Answer" -by- Trustrick (Jubo)
104. "Mirror" -by- Yasuda Rei (Aikyoku)
105. "Mysterious Magic" -by- Do As Infinity (Huzure & Itsugo15)
106. "Nana Hitsuji" -by- Scenario Art (Itsugo15)
107. "Nanairo Biyori" -by- Nano.Ripe (Huzure)
108. "Nanairo Symphony" -by- Coala Mode. (Huzure)
109. "Neguse" -by- Suzaki Aya (Jubo)
110. "Never Say Never" -by- Three Lights Down Kings (Huzure)
111. "No Differences" -by- Aimee Blackschleger (Itsugo15)
112. "No Limit" -by- Mizuki Nana (Huzure)
113. "Now!!! Gamble" -by- Asumi Kana, Fujita Saki & Kitamura Eri (Huzure)
114. "One Light" -by- Kalafina (Aikyoku)
115. "One More Chance!!" -by- All Off (Huzure & Itsugo15)
116. "Orange" -by- Seven Oops (Aikyoku)
117. "Orarion" -by- Yanagi Nagi (Aikyoku)
118. "Oshiete Blue Sky" -by- Oohashi Ayaka (sengetoey)
119. "Over The Testamet Ver.1" -by- Metamorphose feat. Ishida Youko (Huzure)
120. "Panic Holic" -by- C-Show (Huzure)
121. "Philosophy of Dear World" -by- ZAQ (Huzure)
122. "Pride Kakumei" -by- Chico With HoneyWorks (Huzure & Itsugo15)
123. "Punch Line!" -by- Shokotan Denpagumi (Jubo)
124. "Raise Your Flag" -by- Man with a Mission (Huzure & Itsugo15)
125. "Rakuen no Tsubasa" -by- Kurosaki Maon (Jubo)
126. "Rally Go Round" -by- LiSA (Huzure)
127. "Re ~Remember~" -by- Mayn (NXC-P)
128. "Realism" -by- ELISA (Aikyoku)
129. "Red. by Full Metal Jacket" -by- DJ Mass MAD Izm* (DJ Pop & Huzure)
130. "Replica" -by- Sakamoto Maaya (NXC-P)
131. "Ring of Fortune" -by- Sasaki Eri (Huzure)
132. "Ring Ring Rainbow!!" -by- Yuikaori (Huzure)
133. "Rising Rainbow" -by- Misokkasu (Huzure)
134. "Sable" -by- nano (NXC-P)
135. "Saikousoku Fall in Love" -by- Amamiya Sora, Ozawa Ari, Aikawa Natsuki, Nomura Mayuka, Yamazaki Haruka & Nakamura Sakura (Huzure)
136. "Scapegoat" -by- SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. Yosh (Itsugo15 & Jubo)
137. "Secret Arms" -by- Ray (Jubo)
138. "Seishun wa Non-Stop!" -by- Plasmagica (Huzure & Itsugo15)
139. "Self Producer" -by- Chihara Minori (Jubo)
140. "Senbonzakura" -by- KurousaP Feat. Kakichoco (Itsugo15)
141. "Sentimental na Aiboshin" -by- Natsume Chiaki Feat. Kano (Huzure)
142. "Setsuna no Kajitsu" -by- Kurosaki Maon (Huzure)
143. "Seven Doors" -by- ZAQ (Huzure)
144. "Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitte Iru Itsutsu no Houhou" -by- Sakamoto Maaya (Huzure)
145. "Shikkoku o Nuritsubuse" -by- Nomizu Iori (Huzure)
146. "Shirushi" -by- LiSA (Aikyoku)
147. "Soba ni Iru yo" -by- ELISA (Aikyoku)
148. "Somebody to Love" -by- Two-Formula (Huzure)
149. "Spice" -by- Tokyo Karankoron (Huzure & Itsugo15)
150. "Star!!" -by- Cinderella Project (Huzure)
151. "Stella-rium" -by- Kano (Huzure)
152. "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" -by- Unison Square Garden (Jubo)
153. "Talking" -by- Kana-Boon (Itsugo15)
154. "Tenohira -Show-" -by- Kitamura Eri (Jubo)
155. "The Bravest Destiny" -by- Toy☆GunGun (Aikyoku)
156. "The Hero!! ~Okoreru Ken ni Hi o Tsukero~" -by- JAM Project (Huzure)
157. "Tokio Funka" -by- Takamatt Feat. GUMI (Itsugo15)
158. "Toko Hana" -by- Yanagi Nagi (Jubo)
159. "Touch Tap Baby" -by- Hacka Doll Girls (Itsugo15)
160. "Treasure Box" -by- Okui Masami (Huzure)
161. "Uzu to Uzu" -by- Nico Touches the Walls (Huzure)
162. "Vanilla Sky" -by- Ayano Mashiro (Huzure)
163. "Voice" -by- ZAQ (Huzure)
164. "Watashi wa Souzou Suru" -by- Kon Natsumi (Aikyoku)
165. "White Light" -by- Superfly (Jubo)
166. "Wonder Stella" -by- fhána (Huzure)
167. "World's end" -by- Noah (Huzure)
168. "X.U." -by- SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. Gemie (Huzure & Itsugo15)
169. "XROSS INFECTION" -by- BlackY vs. Yooh (Huzure)
170. "Yasashii Kibou" -by- Hayami Saori (Aikyoku)
171. "Yoru" -by- Vistlip (Aikyoku)
172. "You Gotta Love Me!" -by- Kato * Fuku (Huzure)
173. "Yume-iro Parade" -by- Rhodanthe* (Huzure)
174. "&Z" -by- SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] Feat. Mizuki (Itsugo15)

174 songs in total
All songs have jacket covers. SM5 compatible!
103 Huzure song file appearances (61% Huzure PACK!)
20 song file Collaborations
1 new simfile creator (sengetoey, Welcome!)

Released @ Sunday, November 15, 2015
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: Itsugo on November 15, 2015, 11:57:09 AM
Coming up next:
-Fix OD 2 and 3 Packs
-OD4 (Quality Patch Only)
-Itsugo15 SimifileS 30-60, 61-90, 91-120, -121-150, 151........(bla bla bla bla) Pack
-OD5 My Last Leading Pad Project
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: Huzure on November 15, 2015, 02:10:47 PM
My complete pack, isn't it
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: PaulNamida on November 16, 2015, 04:16:57 AM
Can't believe this got released as I'm coming back to SM after so long... must mean something right?? RIGHT??

Thanks a lot for the release, I remember the last time I got an OD pack was back when the first OD Mix (Pad) was released, then the worst half of med school hit me and SM was one of the things I had to let go... now that that's finished I can't believe there was so much I missed these last few years and spent the last few days getting all those packs back and the new mixes I had never sen before, and now there's even a brand new mix to get. Thanks a lot, TYVM, thanks for the hard work and thanks for everything you've done ever since the first Anime Mix.
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: MicheLeos on November 16, 2015, 03:23:29 PM
'porn +18'
It is all pack?
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: Itsugo on November 16, 2015, 04:04:41 PM
'porn +18'
It is all pack?

Yep All Pack
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: sengetoey on November 17, 2015, 04:38:57 AM
Congratulations on the release, and thanks for letting me join in! 8)
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: NXCProduction on November 21, 2015, 10:06:13 AM
thanks for the hard work, guys :D

hope we can release more for Pad files later  8)
Title: Re: Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- Official Release Thread
Post by: Itsugo on June 01, 2016, 09:01:23 PM
Otaku's Dream 4th Mix -PAD- "Patch add-on" coming soon:
new: 8)
-mp3 quality
-stepcharts (fixes)
-video (creditless)
-and more...............

PD: only for OD4 stepcharts creators
you have a choice to edit, change or update your files (only OD4)
deadline for update will be June 26th 2016.