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« on: February 18, 2015, 11:49:05 AM »
FAQ Thread

1. Why don't you make any KB simfile?
Huzure: Because I'm not an expert KB player. I don't have any skill as a keyboard maker and I don't like it too.

2. Make only anime songs?
Huzure: Not just anime if you take a full look on my thread. The reason I focus on anime as of now because of it's easy to approach most people liking.

3. What theme you currently use?
Huzure: I used CyberiaStyle 5.0 -neo cyber- for Stepmania 3.9 . One of my best theme ever.

4. How do you create most simfiles that fast just like a flash?
Huzure: Because I did them a lot until I remember the rules of making Pad style. When I making a song, I intend to focus on each step by step, make them clear, fast and great pattern.

5. Why you always remastering your simfiles especially Audio and Main chart pattern?
Huzure: As I said above that I want to do anything best. With some audio file i got from raw-anime, You know that it wasn't a good quality. I always wait until a single album release and use that file by cutting or bring an official tv-size usage. Even I made a ton of simfiles, there's sometimes I dislike my own pattern. It looks down on quality, that's the reason that I re-pattern a main chart for some simfiles.

6. You make any songs so fast right, but why you still keep some files longer after announcement.
Huzure: Laziness

7. You are a Pad creator right, Please show me a clip that you play your own song?
Huzure: I'm a Pad creator, but I have no skills on Pad. I don't have any Pad machine to test my own songs. Because of this, I always test by imagine on my head or let an another pad creator testing; Itsugo.

8. Do you receive a collaboration working?
Huzure: Usually work with someone that willing to ask me out. For example, Itsugo often ask me to make a collab simfile with him, sure i did.

9. You don't receive all requests?
Huzure: Even this creator also has his own favorite music genre. I can't make any songs that I personally don't like.

10. Are you GAY?
Huzure: ***********

11. How long will you keep being a stepmaker?
Huzure: Until I have no free time and get bored.
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« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2015, 03:24:15 PM »
Why a FAQ Thread?


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