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Title: Otaku's Dream Mix 5th -Pad- [Vol 2/4] Released!
Post by: Jubo on December 25, 2016, 04:15:49 AM
Otaku's Dream Mix 5th -Pad- [2/4]
(http://www.otakusdream.com/images/odmix/Banner (OD5) FELT %5bHuzure%5d.png)
(http://www.otakusdream.com/images/odmix/Jacket (OD5) FELT %5bHuzure%5d.png) (http://bit.ly/2DpBBLW)

Volume 2 / Part 2 of 4 Volumes / Parts...
200+ songs in total in this Mix 5 -Pad-

You may need Volume 1 (http://www.otakusdream.com/forums/index.php?topic=2982.0) to download this too, there is a "small" patch included here for it.
- Roughly 103 MBs total :3

So... 2 more Volumes/Parts to go...
Enjoy... more to come.

Project Lead... Itsugo
It will be the last mix that Itsugo will project lead.
That is why this mix is broken into 4 parts and we wanted to be a large song list/catalog mix like the previous :3

Partial Packs
Main Pack -[OD's Server [Main] (http://www.otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%205%20-Pad-%20Vol2%20%5bMain%5d%20%5b6B114EA3%5d.zip) ||  Mega.nz [Main] (http://bit.ly/2DpBBLW) (crc: 6B114EA3)]- 287 MB
Video-Addons -[OD's Server [Video-Addon] (http://www.otakusdream.com/downloads/Otaku's%20Dream%20Mix%205%20-Pad-%20Vol2%20%5bVideo-Addon%5d%20%5b73AE241C%5d.zip)] ||  Mega.nz [Video-Addon] (http://bit.ly/2HvuEeZ)  (crc:73AE241C)]- 772 MB

Song List
Click here for Text Version
As ETA release promised~...
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!
frm. Otaku's Dream Mix Team (PAD Section)