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Anime / Manga Discussion / Read manga reviews (Not rated)
« on: March 07, 2019, 11:44:25 PM »
Some people may have read and apologized.
For someone who has never considered it as a recommendation
More recommended manga Poke into the blog.

1.Spirit Blade Mountain

In this story, the protagonist named Wang Lu. The main story about training as a master Is a Chinese manga that makes me wonder
Having said that, hopefully our lord is smart, acidic, cunning.

Conclude that anyone wants to read Try to find it. Read Thai. There are 200 episodes.

2.Dead Tube

This story is recommended. Anyone who likes blood splashing 18+, the story is quite intense but fun.

Tell the story first that it is a dating clip. Whoever views the lot will win and get a lot of money.
But if losing, must receive a very heavy penalty

Come in the part of the character Majiya, our hero, is a camera technician of the heroine. Love the hero and believe our hero

Both of them helped up the serious clip together. The hero will cause emotions if Click to see that it is beautiful, exciting 555 Ok hero

Currently translating Thai to the 34th episode

3. Blue Sky Complex

Ara, a manga that many girls like Because it is a manga, Yee Man Rak Chai Yoi

This story will show both the hearts of the people by Terachima (Mei Nee). Love the heroine (Eh or call Mr. Ek Dee) for a long time.

Until it became known more in the library Don't ask for spoilers The girls do not win.

Try to find and read.

Currently translating Thai to episode 8 (end)

4. Massacre happy end

This is quite a pain for the liver, even though it was translated into Thai at one time.

The story is The hero who wants to help the sick, sick in the hospital But before that, Dad took money to party with friends.
So she went to the shrine and shouted the irony of God. I don't have to come tomorrow. So it turned out that it wasn't really coming.

But another month How will you get treatment? So she wants tomorrow. And if going to tomorrow is to kill 1 person per day for tomorrow

I have a liver pain for my brother. (The same thing as Lulu)

5.Rorouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc

Anyone who is a true fan of this story, hurry to read it !! The new battle is coming.

The sequel of Rorouni Kenshin Jataka really has a collection of manga too!

Look at our hero's face. Older, sinking, you?

Currently translating Thai to the second episode

6. King game

In this story, the story will be a little bit of a hunt
Within the story, there will be a game. That everyone in the protagonist's room receives via mobile phone
Everyone must follow the King's orders sent by text.

Anyone who can't do it will be punished. / / What is the punishment? Try to read it.

Currently, the sequel from the manga has already been created as an anime.

I really want to know how the new sector will be ..

The first manga is finished.
Second part anime (from the manga) Sub Thai Episode 2

7.Killing Morph

This story first opened. I feel that I have a knot immediately.

One day our heroine Saw the murder in the middle of the city that killed the city people
But the killer ran through the heroine. We went ...
Why does not kill the heroine? Mmm, it's suspicious.

Or as he said, the ghost saw a ghost, seeing the heroine, we are the same, not killing each other

Currently, Thai translates to episode 3.

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