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Otaku's Dream Mix 2 Reviews
« on: July 22, 2012, 11:01:58 AM »
Lets see how many ppl rage at FEARLESS HERO. Post your shit here
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Re: Otaku's Dream Mix 2 Reviews
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2012, 03:10:04 PM »
Oh boy there we go

random bitching etc
a tiny commander
-holy shit that's some bad warmup after 6+months

a whole new world god only knows
-boring patterns honestly
-nice engrish

acchi de kocchi de
-earcancer song
-I had my hopes thx to swingy notes at the starts but damn
-not using the bgsounds in slow part <:(

an endless tewi-ma park
-earcancer song but I will let it pass this time because
-file is fun at least

-riguru repetitions
-I actually liked it so w/e

awadaccha panikuri vanilla
-typical aloola file
-didn't like holds

beat from melty blood


boss battle
-cool file Don

break out your stained brain
-you're like Sakakibara Yui, each time you do moe song it's bad, otherwise it's awesome
-in case you don't get it, this was awesome imo
-cool song

-cool file
-unnecessary colors

confidence driver
-cool song, cool file

danzai no hana
-better than TA's
-I liked it

world's end
-jesus christ I can't even play this anymore properly
-not gonna rant on this

-felt understepped but it's still not bad <:)

fearless korean

[17:17:28] <&NitoriOhara> fearless hero hehe
[17:17:35] <%Niko> bursts
[17:18:31] <&NitoriOhara> i quit
[17:18:34] <%Niko> hahahaha
[17:18:38] <&NitoriOhara> not playing imaginary notes
[17:18:45] <%Niko> lol you're mad
[17:18:51] <%Niko> they're not imaginary
[17:18:56] <&NitoriOhara> they are
[17:19:17] <%Niko> you're not expressive enough
[17:19:30] <&NitoriOhara> im just not on crack

flower of the sun
-this should've passed into the mix 3 years ago, just sayin'...

-ok MA file

grave consequence
-not my taste but still ok

gynyuu nome
-not synced to my foobar music I used to replace it with :(


the rest later

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Re: Otaku's Dream Mix 2 Reviews
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2012, 01:45:38 AM »
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A tiny tiny clever commander: somewhat generic, still fun.

a whole new world god only knows: wierd jumps, change up the rhythmic pattern, repeating the same sequence gets kinda mehhhh.

acchi de kocchi de: decent, nothing particularly stands out. needs to use placement and patterns better to emphasize shit.

an endless tewi-ma park: good file

apollon: eh, too techno/trancey to be varied, so it ends up being eh.

awadaccha panikuri vanilla: good file

beat from melty blood: great file. especially because it didn't have a bullshit trill =D

borderland: stop lieing about making not being able to make good files darkcalibur

boss battle: good stuff.

Break out your stained brain: picked the repetetive drumming to emphasize =X so it feels lame

Cadence: the jump-trills seems kinda like overdoing it, otherwise great file

Confidence Driver: standardish, solid file

Danzai no hana ~Guilty Sky~: I don't think this song makews for good files.

Emotional Skyscraper: demetori Jumpstream =D

F: I like this.

Fearless Hero: Personally, I think the violin notes on top of the regular beat are too much for such a happy laid-back song, especially randomized like that. Really like the rest of it tho.

Flower of the Sun: :O :o =X

Fortissimo: oh jeez, i don't even know why i stepped it. probablty cause it was easy and turned out very average

Grave Consequence: i mashed the mines near the end D=

gyuunyuu nom: Can't take this file seriously

Hardcore Machinegun: I like this too, tho not as much as your other file

Hyadain no joujou youjou: meh, better than the ones i got for odam8, but still meh.

Iroha Nioedo Chirinuru Wo: how is this a 7 =X I like the song =D

Kimono Princess: A file that uses more jumps than i do =X makes it kinda run into each other so patterns and phrasing isn't distinct and mash together too much.

Koisuru Uchu Sensou: I can't play jumpstream that fast.

Last fortune: something feels terribly off about the 8th>8th>hand>8th>8th patterns, and as they comprise a large chunk of the file, most of the file just has this off feeling.

Let's Go Modulation: alooooola file.

Magical Generation: mmmm, jacks feel out of place, as do some of the holds.

March for Koala: it is what it is.

Mars: I like it. I'd like it more if it was shorter =X

Melting Time: A little messy, tried experimenting with things, didn't like it, 'fixed' it =X

Miracle Rush: yay. iounno.

My friend mudkip: I like mudkips. I also like this file.

Nazoke manten: swwiiinnnggg and stuff. aloola.

Neko miko reimu: neko miko reimuuuuuu a-i-shi-te-ru

Nekuraholic: ehhh, iounno. not really a fan

Neurotoxin: good, solid file

Old Yuanxian: stuff and stuff. probably one of my better random touhou files

phantasia ballad: good file.

Plastic mind: I personally like this one, tho heavily influenced by me liking the song alot.

poseidon: nothing really special or particularly enganging.

red goose: eh, kinda plain. but fast. but plain.

rengetsu Ouka: mebbe a little too long.

rpg: goof stuff

run: some of those jacks and some of those trills...

Sakura-koi-uta: very regular

sayonara sekai: eh standard

secret garden: drums..... oi so repetetive cause drums/hi-hat and nothing but

secret treasure: there just isn't that much you can do with the song. =/

shanghai alice of meiji 17: pianooooo either you love it or meh it.

shiroi kokoro: good file

Short but seems Long, time of our life: not my kind of song

Sky: aloola

Solar sect of mystic wisdom: mmm piano

Square panic serenade: stuff. it's good.

Sweet drops: good simple stuff

T-fanger battle: large sections of meh jumpstream dont' make me happy =(

The Question: huh, dunno what to think

The sampling paradise: solid file, but lack of emphasis on ~stuff~ in general. i dunno maybe cause no hands or just patterns running into each other.

Theme of Zangeif: it's good, but i can't really stand the horns or whatever they are.

Touhou Piano medley: I fall into the don't really like piano files camp.

Tsuki ni Murakumo hana Kaze: eh, it'a alright

Twilight: aloola

Two-faced lovers: =X

Vallista: I like this one quite a bit

Voice: eh, its good.

way to answer: holddssss everywhereeeeeer. also jump step jump step jump step jump step jump step jump step jump step

yes~ yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuy: yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyyu

You & me: aloola style~~~
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Re: Otaku's Dream Mix 2 Reviews
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2012, 02:49:43 PM »
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A tiny tiny clever commander
- clever

A whole new world god only knows
- ok

Acchi de kocchi de
- ogod

an endless tewi-ma park
- steps ok

- stop playing bemani ffs

Awadaccha panikuri vanilla
- lifelong prohibition of hold-usage for you

- almost ok but no

Boss battle
- first really good file

Break out your stained brain
- i broke it
- no really it was ok-ish

- zzzzzz

Confidence driver
- ok

Danzai no hana
- mkay

Emotional Skyscraper
- i need a break

- blerggh, inaccurate transitions

Fearless Hero
- nice vid, my imaginary fwiend

Flower of the Sun
- no

- zzz

Grave Consequence
- blablablubb i dunno

Gyuunyuu Nome
- oh holy shojo maria

Hardcore machinegun
- too hardcore

Hyadain no joujou yuujou
- okish

Iroha nioedo chirinuru wo
- ok

Kimono Princess
- i need a break

Koisuru Uchu Sensou
- ded

Koyubi no paradox
- solid i guess

Last fortune
- nice vid
- pretty ok

Let's go modulation
- lets not

Magical Generation
- pretty alright

March for Koala
- good

Melting time
- like ._.v

Miracle rush
- :/

My Friend Mudkip
- good.........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its gone

Nazokake Manten
- zzzz

Neko miko reimu b
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

- just no

- pretty ok

Old Yuanxian
- mashmashmashmashmashmash

Phantasia Ballad
- good for most parts

Plastic Mind
- ugh

- i need a break

Red Goose
- nope

Rengetsu ouka
- like

- actually pretty good

Sayonara sekai
- .....ok

Secret garden
- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Secret treasure
- ok

Shiroi kokoro
- uuuuuuuuuuugh, no

Short but seems long blablabla
- i want my money back

- nothing special

- do i look like i like clowns?!

Sweet drops
- NO

T-Fanger battle
- couldve been so much better :(

The Question
- is: why do i suddenly have a tinnitus?

The sampling paradise
- somehow i slowly get really annoyed at the song choices in this pack

Tsuki ni blablabla
- somewhat decent

- ....

Two Face Lovers
- kinda ok despite the vocalAIDS

- good semi-dump

- another good file

way to answer
- zzzzzzzzzzz

- fdgsdfgsdfgsdfg
- no

You and me
- im tired......

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Re: Otaku's Dream Mix 2 Reviews
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2012, 06:56:17 PM »
Just for the record, I've stepped like that since I got into stepmania so gg


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