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Solo Rulz Pack 4 RELEASED (6key only)
« on: June 05, 2017, 12:45:58 PM »

Click banner to download

Important note: I DID NOT do any difficulty rating revisions, because it was such a subjectively tedious task, so I've included a folder called "~nps graphs" that highlights every song and difficulty.

A lot of people disagreed with my fudged difficulty ratings of the previous packs when I had THOROUGHLY played every single file and difficulty and used my own scores as anchor points, so it's pretty fucking pointless to do the same thing again when everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Can you believe that it's been 2 full years since I released Solo Japan & Rulz 3?

File Queue: 69
Feel free to use song list below if you'd like to chip in reviews.

Click to Reveal
Analog Sky (Patashu)
anesthesia (Kinx)
Angelus (Patashu)
Around The World (Kinx)
Ask to Wind (MayB)
Big Ship (blaziken)
BonBon (Kinx)
Burnt Rice (Kinx)
Candy Drops (Kinx)
Circus Galop (Leo137)
City Lights Feat. EVO+, Jinmenusagi (Kinx)
Clumsy Night (Shenjoku)
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong (MayB)
Counselor (Kommisar)
Cynthia (IcyWorld)
EDM Jumpers (Malice)
Fallen Angel (MayB)
First Kiss (MayB)
Future Candy (Malice)
GHOST (Malice)
Happico Happico (Leo137)
Here And There (Kinx)
Honey♥Trap (Kinx)
Infinite Funk (Kinx & MacGravel)
Intermezzo, Op. 118, No. 2 in A major (Kinx)
Kakushinteki*Metamaruphose! (LongGone)
K-Pop Culture 2015 (Kinx)
Late Night (lurker)
Librarian's Waltz (Pii-f)
Loki (Leo137)
Looking For A New Adventure (Kinx)
Love10 (Kinx)
MAGIC & LOVE (blaziken)
Marble Soda (Kinx)
Missing You (Skelif)
Moestep (Malice)
Neko Atsume no Theme (Gundam-Dude)
Oedo Controller (feat. TORIENA) (Kinx)
Okurahomadokamikisa (Gundam-Dude)
Onna Kotoba no Soushitsu (porkypink)
OrBiTal (MayB)
Pastel Subliminal (Layne)
Progression (Skelif)
Ruby of Mystic (Malice)
Secret (MayB)
Shelter (lemz)
Spitting Skin (Skelif)
Sudden Death (Layne)
The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky (LongGone)
The Clockwork Rose (Kinx)
The Clockwork Rose (Instrumental) (Kinx)
The Wight to Remain (Malice)
Toaru Itsumo Wo (Hazelnut)
Tori no Uta -Remix- (Gundam-Dude)
Touch the Sky feat. acharu (Kinx)
Triple Journey -TAG EDITION- (lurker)
Ultimate Cavity Construction Worker Excavation Chu (Kommisar)
Uprising Satellite (Kommisar)
Versatile (Patashu)
VERTeX (LongGone)
X-treme Grade (Derpus)
Youthful (Kinx)
'IDOLA' have the immortal feather (Kinx)

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Re: Solo Rulz Pack 4 RELEASED (6key only)
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 03:56:38 PM »
Hey Gundam-Duder,

Just to finally show support. Here are the download links through Otaku's Dream Download Folder:
Sorry for being late.

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