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The Remastered Project Pack Review
« on: June 03, 2018, 09:51:14 AM »
ALL THESE REVIEWS WERE FOR THE OLD FILES...The pack release has new charts

The Remastered Project will be a re release of all my sim files from OD projects into one pack. The re release will have either new graphics adjusted offsets and or complete chart remakes under beginner or changes overall to the original. All simfiles will have the original chart included. somefiles will not have the original charts. Some files will not be changed at all. This is all subject to change and I may not release anything.

So with that out the way
With out further to do
What up !
I'm reviewing The Remastered Pack The MAN The MYTH The LEGEND  8) :oldstepmania: pre-release hope you enjoy. Forgive bad spelling and grammer im not going to go back and check what I fuck up lol.

P.S. These Reviews will pertain to the highest or suggested highest difficulty of the original charts. Im still on the fence of Re editing some charts to see if I can make a bit of a modern rendition of an old file. If I do that it will be very minimal and will get its own chart on the MEDIUM Difficulty so stay tuned.

This is a real time review, i'm going to play and write the review one by one. Im going to try and make this review Historically Chronological so that YOU! the reader and I can go on this journey together through memory lane and re-discover the progression of my simFIRE career and the OtakusDream community with new eyes. Lets peer into this ancient window to the past together.

STAGE 1 FIRST STAGE - The beginning, The basics
If you are a new player you might want to start with these files as they were my most basic beginner work. The files listed in stage 1 will be a reflection of my skill in 2007 as a charter and player , At this point my influences came mostly from jubo and other pad style simfile creators as that was the limit to my keyboard abilities and the OD community at the time was very much geared toward this style. My power level was most definitely slightly above a human at this point and I was at my most humble.

Pay attention to the steps as you play for later reference, you will see what qwerks I kept through my developing stepping style that kinda became my signature style which was not very appreciated at all lol... basically it was trash

Lonesome Traveler - Amaenaideyo Ending -
This simfile was pretty much one of my first files ever created if not the first it was with in the 10 first sims I ever created. I never watched this anime but some how I had ended up with this song. I needed files to submit for the OD projects and no one else was doing it and I needed practice with creating charts.
This file really consisted of me following the Vocals with some pretty big Vocal hold breaks that were very pad file inspired. At the time I though this was cool cos everyone did this at the time, but being a keyboard sim file it made it feel a bit strange and it wasn't really that great to play on pad due to KB inspired steps thrown in but as files go if you are new to the 4 key keyboard game its easy to follow and if you are a fan of the show, Well HERE YOU GO this is Otakusdream after all Breh. Personally I didn't really like the song so to me it was just purely a Simfile for the sake of being a file.
I give this file a 3 outta 10, For a beginner keyboard player its not terrible but not great either, at the time it pretty much blended in with the files of other creators who stepped in this style it was not a stand out file in anyway. This chart comes with two difficulties and the easiest was probably a mandatory basic level for pad players but I have no idea if they were playable or fun, the file was accepted to the pack thats all I know.

I Do - Ai Yori Aoshi ENDING
My lord this file was probably like number 2 ever made, Ive never seen this anime and this song is actually IN MY OPINION very boring.
This file was easy to step though and I made the steps practice my jump jack steps in a slow fashion. This file pretty much just followed the basic vocal and bass pattern and suffers from the same pad syndrome. Just playing this right now I find its super boring for me. I dunno what else to say this was literally resume filler. If you watched the anime and you liked the song well.... Im happy for you and you should thank me for even stepping it cos I totally forgot I made this snore fest. but if you are a beginner this is a great way to get your jump jack skills up in an easy manner. THIS FILE SCORES A 2 out of 10

This File was also in the top 10 first simfiles I ever charted. Once again I never saw this anime but I ended up with this song. I needed files to submit and it was actually a pretty catchy song with steppable melody. When I created this chart I thought I was so cool cos I was starting to get the hang of creating a flow with the music and it was the first time I did some pretty creative steps that swept from left to right with holds toward the middle of the song that went with the guitar.
In general the song followed the rhythm of the drums and bass with some once again vocal hold breaks that kinda feels weird when you play keyboard. If you are a new player give this file a shot, in my opinion its a catchy song with some fun very simple steps that give you a sense of accomplishment if you Full C C C Combo or even AAA it! Shoot for the stars my friends.
I give this file a 5 out of 10 as it is pretty average and once again blended it with the style of the other simfile artist of OtakusDream at the time. So if you were playing it back then in 2007, it was pretty much a run of the mill pack filler that was forgotten overtime.

HAPPY DAYS Amaenaideyo Ending
Ok so this file is VERY similar in structure to Kusari and has a Very copied jubo style all over it. Jubo's early work was pretty much filled with these kind of steps. At the making of this file I was trying to recreate what ever success I thought I had found with Kusari and was really trying to replicate that feel. Pay attention to the sweeping left to right notes. This song was not terrible but I didn't have any real enjoyment listening to it. These kind of Opening and Ending songs in anime were par for the course at the time. I score this a 3 out of 10. Pack Filler at its finest. This is a very beginner friendly file for the novice stepman. ON TO THE NEXT! 8)

CardCaptors GROOVY Ending
FOOOOO! Ok so who doesnt like Card Captors. As for this simfile ....Man it seems I really liked to add some long ass holds at the end of the songs... This was a pretty bland chart with lots of holds and jumps combined. At this point I think I was just trying different things but the end product of this chart wasn't much interesting. Notes follow vocal rhythm melody and breaks for piano. I did the note breaks a little nicer here as I was trying to blend more of the sounds better at this point. Still very boring steps. I SCORE THIS A GROOVY 3 out of 10!! but it deserves 1 more point for CARD CAPTORS. You be the judge 4!!

Itsuka Tokeru Namida UTA KATA ENDING
Just kidding. This simfile.. Man this song was just barely steppable for Keyboard purposes, at least at the current skill level I was bringing to the table. I literally looked up savage genius at the time due to Tweety3187 having stepped Bravin Bad Brew in a previous pack. It was one of my favorite simfiles he made. So I wanted to join the 5 STAR RANK GENERALS of those who had stepped a SAVAGE GENIUS song. I really did a bad boring job of steps on this file and in someways kind of disorganized for such a simple slow song. when I threw in that one 32nd note in there, it was the most exciting thing about the file. I could have done a much better job if I had a better grasp of music in general at the time. I really think I could have made it better in the sense that it would at least not totally suck lol. But as with all these files most people stepped very simply at this time and no one really ragged on me for this kind of mediocre chart. If you like the song give it a try.
I SCORE THIS A SOLID TEN OUT OF FUCK ING 10. Nah just a 2 out of 10. It really JUST eeks out of being a complete fail in my opinion.

Ok I love this song, Inuyasha was definitely one of my favorite anime of ALL TIME. So of course I had to try to step this song no matter what.
At this point of my stepping career this simfile was kinda confusing for me to step cos I had never had to deal with the purple 12th swing notes. I feel I could make the file more technical and a better play for advance keyboarders now but at the time I was still a very novice charter. This file was probably number 3 in the line up of my first files.
As the chart stands its Bare Bones BASIC. I took very little chances and just wanted to make a chart that made sense, I really wanted this song to get into the OD pack so I stayed super safe. Its a very vocal hold use heavy and with very basic swing note patterns, as a result the file it self is pretty mediocre but a fun play for a beginner in my opinion. I love this song so I can bare the lack luster steps and it brings me back to simpler times. I SCORE THIS A SOLID 3 out of 10 I wish I could score it higher just because of the song lol.

WELCOME 2000 DI GI CHARAT song i dunno op or ed what ever
Ah the di gi charat anime, I never saw the series to its entirety but it was one of those early meme factory animes that was spread across the internet at the time and I loved how ridiculous it all was so of course me being a meme factory myself I had to get my hands on some of these songs and see what was steppable. At this point My files were starting to feel more like keyboard although still felt just like the previous files which has some weird pad elements thrown in. The problem I felt I was facing was my song choice. It was not really that great for stepmania but that shit never stopped me from trying anyway lol. The Chart it self felt like I was just copying my other files step patterns with out noticing, if you played the previous files on this list so far you would have noticed the same left right sweep and hold patterns making its way across all the files some how. I think I was making to many files at once way too quickly. I should have spaced these files out instead of working on them all at once but I wanted to make the deadline and get files in for submission. So in terms of what I think of this file, its pretty mediocre. The song is Ok at best for this application but it wasn't stepped very creatively.  MY GRAND TOTAL SCORE IS A     3 out of 10
Playing it right now the chart felt very forced and I dont think I was really feeling the song at all. ( :arrow:U GOTTA FEEL THE NOTES :arrow: :oldstepmania:) It is still a decent play for a beginner getting the hang of hitting holds and notes at the same time while playing keyboard spread style. So if you wanna give an old meme factory song a whirl and re live the early and late 2000's give it a shot. You will definitely be sorry you did.

Poweful Summer - DI GI CHARAT ED-
I definitely think I have Foamysminion *OD simfile and community member* to blame for my choice in these songs lol. SIMFILE REVIEW VERDICT ON THIS DI GI CHART>>> Holy shit I started to throw hands up in this bitch!! just lettin them HANDS GO.
I guess at this point I was like, "how come no one is putting 3 notes in a row around here lol". This was definitely the early beginning of what a real keyboard chart was gunna look like for me. I started to take chances at this point. I was a fucking rebel out here. This File was mediocre at best and in the end as with all these files some pad elements just kept creeping in. fuckin pad. The OD simfile echo chamber still had a bit of a grasp on how I stepped files. VERDICT ISSSSSS, 3 outta 10 Even though My skill and difficulty of the charts is now climbing the files still lacked lots of depth and very simple in structure. I can't blame it all on the song choice. ON to the NEXT.

Ok if anyone knows me round these parts if they remember... im a HUGE Initial D fan, at the time I made these simfiles I swear Id see all four seasons of the show back to back lolol. So of course I had to get some of these initial D classic songs into the OtakusDream pack discography to spread the love for the show. As For this file this is where these files made the first steps toward being full fledged respectable keyboard simfiles. I mean I couldn't fuck up a song for a show I loved so much haha. But still what I refer to as the JUBO STAIRCASE patterns made its way into this file, although thats not a bad thing in general. I was definitely now stepping pure keyboard charts and the variation of patterns and even yes you guessed it hands started to become more common in my charts which was very rare with in OtakusDream charts at the time.
Final VERDICT!! I SCORE THIS A 6 outta 10!! I might be a bit biased here and it might be a more 5 score *average* but this is probably my first mainstream keyboard file that most people enjoyed.

This file is basically Very similar to noizy trible I follow the drums and melody with a basic keyboard chart structure. At this point I have abandoned all Pad elements from my charting. You wont be doing this with your feet lol. So what do I think of Dog Fight? Its ok I really dont know what else to say, its a basic song with a basic pattern. If you love the show as much as I do , you will enjoy the file. Final Verdict for this file I SCORE IT A 5 outta 10. It really is just average in terms of the grand scheme of simfiles in otakusdream at this stage of the community. DOOOOOG FIIIIIGHT!!!!

STAGE 2 SECOND STAGE (The Freeza saga) Simfile complexity, Skills and STEPMAN HELL)
Stage 2 Consist of some in-between simfiles. What do i mean be in between you ask????? WELL ILL TELL YOU!
These files will be what I consider files that were made between my early days skill level, up to my skill level bump. I was playing alot better at this point and I could do pretty advanced charts with ease. I was also taking inspiration from other communities style of note charting. I was really beginning to explore the limits of 4 key play but there was still a long way to go. These files were made within 2007 and 2008. Some of these next files reviewed will fit into the time frame of STAGE 1 but you will see that the charts will be slightly more, to much more advanced in complexity moving foward. Scoring for the reviews will also become a bit more strict for example any songs that scored a 2 or 3 in stage 1 would be basically 1's /10 or 2's/10 basically complete dog shit fails. SO LETS BEGIN GUYS!

(Yuujou Monogatari the ED for some ANIME...Inukami)
Ok once again I stepped a song based on the fact that Tweety3187 had stepped one of my all time favorite OtakusDream Simfiles, the legendary HIKARI sang by the also legendaryYUI WHORE. Tweety just knew how to pump out Bangers one after another. I dunno how that guy always hit that sweet spot of dump and not so dump always having you come back for more but never being able to fully climb the mountain. His files were just ever so out of reach to master... But i digress... As for my chart on this song... well I dunno. its definitely started becoming a little more complex but the patterns were a bit... disorganized? and the hold usage was a bit so so and might be off in a few places.
Basically I would'nt step this song like this if i had to do it again today... Like I said we are in between worlds right now enjoy this twilight zone while it last we about to enter hell soon..
I know a few people enjoyed this file but I really dont personally like it much. SO WHATS THE SCORE YOU ASK?? I SCORE THIS A 3 outta 10.
It just needs a re work and this could be pretty cool probably. YOU BE THE JUDGE 7

Ok here we start getting into the crazy shit this was my First attempt at InteresSTIng simfile with complex flow. I was being cOol so I made the hardest difficulty beginner mode. Thats how you knew you were a cool mother fucker up in this bitch. You make a beginner chart and you go and say "hey play my simfile brah, but play that beginner mode tho unless u some kinda PUUSSY!!!" even though this file wasn't really that hard but I think it was hard for me at the time, I couldnt really full combo it with a good score when I made it and it was kind of unique in the line up of files being released at that time frame by the OtakusDream team.... or atleast that how I felt in my mind, I WAs SO cOOL.
SO the file RIGHT, how does it play. Its plays like shit.. lol no its actually not that bad its a bit strange for sure cos i was trying to step that Ukulele guitar and flute sound and it was all swing like. Final product felt a bit sloppy but overall its a fun little song if you wanna hear Yuko Goto go FUUEEWWWW at the of the song. I GIVE THIS A SCORE OF 5 outta 10. FOR THE HEAVY CHART I think its a fair score its is average at best and not a terrible play. Its just not very pretty. Like Yuko Goto...OOOOOOOO BUUUURN. sorry Yuko you got weird ears.
BONUS the Beginner chart felt like shit, it wasn't stepped far well enough to even be a fun dump to play. So it gets a 4 outta 10 :(. i would step it differently today, the potential is there for a much more aesthetically pleasing chart.. FUUUUUEEEWW thats over

MEDDY MEDDY CHRISTMAS DAKARA bitch! so this file was stepped at the very end of 2007. How do I know this you ask?? Because this was Simfile released in the Very RARE one and only OtakusDream christmas special mini pack back when OtakusDream was a booming stepmania and anime community. This simfile was actually a semi collab with Foamysminion in the sense that he did edit some minor measures in the file to make it more consistent and more fun to play overall. In all honestly this simfile was probably one of my best to date at the time.
I mean it was as mainstream as it could get for me and my charts for this community. The steps were pretty good in my opinion but I did use alot of holds in a pad step kinda way but for this fike i guess its ok. I SCORE THIS FILE A 6 outta 10. Its kind of a high score all things considered but compared to the files in this specific pack I think it was one of the more stand out fun holiday spirity files. ON TO THE NEXT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FILE... there was two of them and I saved the best for last.

Ah yes I remember trying my hardest to make this a fun simfile for the Christmas pack that no one gave a fuck about for the most part lol.
This file was pretty funny if you try the heavy version i step using 32nd notes and then in ONI I used these TEAL and other colored notes.
But we gunna be talking about ONI only here. So this file is i guess stepped kinda OKish i wouldn't do it like this today if I had to do it again, it would be done way more cleanly. You can tell I still wasn't very clean in my execution of note and jump placement as well as sketchy note choices but fuck all that cos in the middle of the song this shit had a DOPE BUILD UP TRILL that tapered into a ORGASMIC slow down and that was the highlight of the whole file lol. The drum roll you hear in the preview, yea i stepped that shit with 32nds and it wasnt bullshit man. If you hit that trill all the way with Marvelouses and made it to the slow down where you catch your breath.... you felt like a GOD. I SCORE this a 7 outta 10  8) just cos you know I tried. I give my 2007 self an extra point for effort. :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania:

I PREFACE THIS REAL QUICK that this and the next song are like the only LONG files I ever stepped and fuuuck that shit. Stepping long songs is a nightmare. It takes a life time to complete atleast it did for me and they were never that great anyway for the amount of effort put in. With that out the way, SILLY GO ROUND. I dont remember how I found this song, it such a random song. This was stepped for one of the best and most successful OTAKUS DREAM projects the JAPAN MIX PACKS. Those JAPANESE MIX packs were something else, that was like the wild west for an OtakusDream Simfile artist. Pretty much anything went in terms of style and difficulty. Generally the quality was high across the board for these packs people were really into it at the time because of the freedom it let them have. These packs contained some of the best simfiles produced by simfile artist such as LYRICALNICK and first appearances from sim artist from other communities such as Kommisar and Psines. It also was, Correct me if im WRoNG, the first appearances from newer artist who had not been in previous packs such as Xyanide1986,kaneh and aloola or at the very least this was when their work became mainstream to the community. The japan mix 2 was definitely the highest level of quality released by this community at the time and brought OtakusDream notoriety and respect from other rival Stepmania Communities. BUT I SUPER DIGRESSED HERE Silly Go Round was a long STREAM TRILL JUMP and DUMP Chart and it did the Long keyboard challenge song thing. Its was ok at best, not very technical and pretty much just a "FC it if you can kinda chart". It was released in the OD japan mix 1. It would have never made it into the OD Japan mix 2 pack as the quality control had been bumped up to another level by then.
I SCORE SILLY GO ROUND A 5 outta 10. For what it was. It was run of the mill and found play somewhat online with the stepmaniaonline community for a while after its release. That's all I got for this simfile I just wanted to drop some stepmania community KNOWLEDGE on y'all. Opinions on this hugely vary but this is how I felt at the time.

THIS SIMFILE RIGHT HERE was my final Long file I ever officially released to the public. I heard this song on youtube at the time and thought it could make a decent challenge score file. So I downloaded it and began to step it. by this time I was really getting the hang of just making a consistent simfile and it something I demonstrate by trying to to keep the file to a specific structure. This file had a pretty cool sounding slow down in the middle that let you catch your breath as you try not to loose your FUCKING FULL COMBO. This file was released in OD japan mix 2. At the time I really wanted to make one more long file to finish the theme of me releasing one for each OD J MIX pack. This simfile plays very clinical in the way the patterns are not unpredictable but the goal becomes to stay focused and not FUCK UP. I SCORE THIS SIMFILE A SOLID 8.5 outta 10 Honestly I think this was a really good simfile for what it was. I really liked the patterns and consistency. There was no DUMPING done on this one and it was played online by many during the hay day of the packs release. Give this one a try you wont be disappointed. Its not for a beginner player YOU better have your Stepman skills up to a decent spec if you wanna attempt a full combo score. LEGENDS just AAA it. GOD'S AAAA.

Sakura Taisen PARA PARA MIX
Ah this one brings me memories, as it was one of the first songs I was working on for OD but I never finished or got around to working on until about the Japan Mix 1 came around and perfect timing since my skill level had caught up to the BPM this song would be playing at anyway.
Also this is where I really let loose and just started going crazy with stream. i was so stoked at the time the fact I was finally gunna have my own STREAM file lol. I wanted to step a 16th jump stream for so long and the time had come. NICK was the first person to ever see beta of this file and I remember him laughing at me cos it was originally synced in a strange way where the downbeat was on 8th notes???!! Its was still cool anyway. I fixed it and released it for submission for the OD J-mix 1 Pack the rest is history. As for what I think of the file ??? HMMM it was my first use of QUAD STEPS just fuck it right, FILL EVERY NOTE UP! SPAM THAT FUCKING KEYBOARD! FUCK YOU IF YOUR KEYBOARD CANT HANDLE IT HAHAHA!!! lol but as for structure, flow and patterns it was decent I don't. I really was mimicing alot of the charts I was playing from the hardmega keyboard packs that were available and most people played on SM ONLINE. I SCORE THIS ONE A SOLD 6 Outta 10 It was a fun simple fast tempo file. Give it a whirl and hit those QUAD STEPS WITH FEROCITY. :kb: :kb: :kb: :oldstepmania:

Rettsu Arpricot Taisou - GALAXY ANGEL-
now we are deep into my japan mix files and they only keep getting nuttier as we go on. This file specifically was basically another expedition into 16th stream waters. I didnt really like the song but it allowed me to practice this tempo and build a challenging simfile for myself at the time. I got not much to say other than if you like this song, good for you cos it was more of a training exercise for me. As a chart I rate it a 5 out of 10. Its a run of the mill 16th stream fast jump stream file nothing to special. At this point the charts were "technically sound" and didn't contain any real "mistakes". I feel this was more just on subjectivity if it was fun or not. Give it a try and train your 175 bpm speed.

So this file.. I feel I did a very lazy job on this one. This was a pack filler throw away and it only made it in cos I had influence in the community lol. Its not completely terrible but man I feel like I just threw the steps together with no real clean direction. I dont know if it was I was in a rut or just wanted to get more files out, but I can see the Melting pot syndrome in this file. The file looks like I was stepping to many other simfiles at the same time and was trying to just make every chart in the same way. This song needed a different approach and because I never took a step back to cool down and let the other files fade out of my memory, I ended up making a mediocre chart that ended up ugly and generic..
This simfile really isnt to fun to play but if you must go right ahead. I RATE THIS ONE A SAD LONELY 4 out 10. It just felt thrown together and unpolished. :(

So whats a stepmania career and never having stepped DJ Sharpnel. I came across this simfile from one of the other simfile artist from the other communities, I think this was either a BLurk file or a zagurim file originally. Either way the original chart was understepped in my opinion at the time and I was like, "I CAN DO BETTER" lol. Actually my reason for restepping the original released version was cos they didn't step the build up intro part to the song, which is one of the best parts of the song. They completely skiped that intro part which I stepped with some epic holds and purple pink notes to boot. As the song progresses and Builds to the THIRTY SECOND NOTE TRILL OF LIFE AND DEATH!! I dunno its an epic song. Very fun in my opinion clearly I stepped with difficulty in mind more that aesthetic design. I Rate this file an 8 out of 10. Its a bit of a high score but I like this file over all and the song is just good. I could probably improve some parts to make it a more clean and stylish now but whatever. It still stands to be one of my better scoring challenge files. On to the next SIM HELL, oh yea when I said wild west I meant Wild WEST, I stepped with WRECKLESS ABANDON NO CARE FOR THE WEAK. IF HE DIES HE DIES!!

MY JUBO WILL GO ON by SONIC JUBO STORM aka Some minami ke dance remix from somewhere.
So by this time I was balls DEEP in hardcore stepmania difficult simfiles. Where I was just Grinding away at simfiles such as My Spirit Will go on
and Fury of the storm literally injuring my wrist from overuse while trying to play my spirit will go on at 1.5x speed.... LIKE A TRUE WARRIOR!
So this simfile was basically a parody of all the hard simfiles I obsessed with at the time. But why "My jubo Will Go On" you ask? Cos jubo was the complete opposite of hardcore SUPER dump files lol. I thought it was funny to me but whatever, heres my review... THE SHIT IS JUMP STREAM WITH AN EPIC JACK JUMP. The whole chart was just preparing for that one part of the song. If you managed to FC that part with all marvelous you were basically a GOD. and the rest of the song was just there to occupy your time until the score screen where you would look at the dead bodies of those who were too weak to survive. I SCORE THIS A 9 outta 10. FUCk you all!! what more do you want from a file like this??? for it to be easier lol nah SON!!

I MISS YOU by RANDO - This file was the Icing on the cake when it came to challenge simfiles I stepped. This was another one of those random songs I found while playing other keyboard packs. But the chart associated with it was pretty much a weak ass version. I took it upon myself to make this as hard and stupid as possible so that no one could ever get a perfect score lol the final section of the file if you make it passed the 32nd inverse stream you could never vibrate. Which is kinda fucked up... I should fix that. I score this a 10 out of 10!! because you would be a mad man to play it at all.

AND THAT ENDS STAGE 2 the Second stage. Man its been wild, things picked up so fast and shot right into outerspace!! But there is still one more part. Stage 3 the Third stage. But before that lets recap. Stage 2 took place during what I call the Golden era of Otakus Dream. Up to this point the community was booming and new people were joining daily. People from different stepmania communities were starting to inter link and work together. Old stigmas had been lifted off the OtakusDream banner. OD was becoming very well known in the scene. communities once considered enemies had become allies.

But as with every rise to power there comes and eventual crash. This was not just unique to our community, it was starting to happen across all other stepmania communities and it was as if the writing was on the wall for the golden era of stepmania. All the Best players and sim artist slowly started to depart and those who remain will begin to enter into ego and power struggles!!! So on to STAGE 3 the FINAL STAGE...

Stage 3 The final Stage - The beginning of the end.

Stage 3 The final stage will include some insight into some meme files that ended up in the pack OtakusDream Mix 6 as well as the reason for
so much disagreement and negetive reviews that made it probably the most hated pack overall up to that point in otakus dream release history... I feel somewhat responsible as I was one of those so called insiders. Since the community was collapsing in on itself, cliques had formed and no longer was there a fair structure for simfiles to be judged. The community had become hugely split due to a large skill gap that had formed between the original audience of Otakus Dream and those who were running the show behind the scenes creating the content.
This was so bad that insider OtakusDream members did not want to call "Otausdream Mix 6" the 6th version of the main pack. It was deemed that we were going to alienate our core audience who mainly plays easy and simple anime simfiles. They wanted it to be known as "ODMIX 1" to differentiate it from the other numbered packs. This was going to be a brand new type of pack that included only KB style files that focused mainly on Style, aesthetics and DIFFICULTY. This split those on the inside even further.

So here We go we will now review my probably best and worst files of all time. At this point I had no excuse to produce trash but it was what ended up happening with a number of these files. LETS INVESTIGATE!

This was probably one of my top 5 favorite shows to have come out in 2009. As the approaching release for OD6 was nearing I quickly jumped on stepping  a chart for the song. Now as for a technical review of this chart, it was layered to the max. I dont even know if its fun or not anymore. I was able to play this back then and it felt like a average difficulty to me so much so I kept layering in more hands and what ever else I could throw at it. I dont really find it much fun or aesthetically pleasing to play. It is a moderately difficult chart but removing some layers probably would have made it more fun and less cluttered. I SCORE THIS A 6.5 out of 10. Its not the worst but still felt very forced in its execution. Not much more to add on opinion there  :-\

This was another really good 2009 anime. The song came from the OP or ED I dont remember anymore. The song wasnt really that great in my opinion but I still threw a chart together for it. You will start to see the same over stepping syndrome where im purely aiming for making it too hard for no reason at all. At this point my creativity for charts was kind of peaking because how focused I had become on layering and difficulty.
I SCORE THIS FILE a 5 out of 10. Its a super forgettable chart and forgettable song. As you will see some of these files made it in mainly because there was no oversight anymore for members who had a little to much power with in the community. If you go back and play these files on your own current packs and if they are mine... make sure to adjust the offset up or down a tick if it feels slightly offsync. At the time my pc was kinda acting a bit funny and I was not able to get the offset just right.

OH MAN K-ON, before this anime was released, I was beginning to get into electric guitar, so ofcourse I was looking for anime to watch that had to do with guitar rock music. When I saw the advert for the release of this anime with the cover pic being Yui with a gibson guitar, I swear I told everyone I predicted this show was going to be a fucking smash hit lol. I just knew, you cant plaster a gibson les paul on an anime girl and not expect that shit to brainwash the masses. No as for the simfile i made.... well again I feel the chart was a bit over stepped to the point that it felt generic some how. It feels like there are to many layers to enjoy what ever music is in there to play to. Also my choice in how the notes shift from left to right happens to quickly and doesnt seem to represent the music that accurately making it feel a bit random and not very polishedI score this a 5 out of 10. Great song but not the best chart for it.

Now this sim file is a personal favorite of mine and it has an interesting history. I stepped the skeleton for this chart WAAAy back in like late Stage 1 but I didn't have the creative skills on how to step it at the time. So being another song I really liked I didn't want to ruin it by just releasing it in a half ass state. So come years later I find this in my "SM files to be stepped" folder. I give it another go and it just clicked .
I knew what I wanted to do with it. This turned out to be a really dope chart IMO, I still enjoy how its layered and follows the drum rhythm. Not too complex and stepped just right. I Give this a 9 outta 10. A legit near perfect score is how I see it. GIve this one a try if you are a fan of the seires.

Hattena de washoi - Hidamari Sketch
sigh, another simfile with hyper music and singing .. at the time to me this sounded like a fun file to step but now it just seems like another song I stepped for pure difficulty potential and as per usual I couldnt resist over layering hands and putting hands where there should really be no hands. Basically the song does not lend it self to the difficulty I was trying to create making it feel once again over layered and over stepped.
This was pretty much what my style of stepping had become and because all my files started looking the same I started becoming bored.
This chart SCORES A 4 outta 10. I cant really recommend this as a FUN simfile.

Netsuretsu Kangei wonderland - Saki
Damn I shoulda just switched over to playing SOLO at this point of my sim filing career. I just couldn't step a file with out throwing hands, quads and holds all at the same time. I think I was starting to feel like I couldn't do much more with 4 notes lol. This file suffers the same over stepped syndrome. I SCORE THIS A 4 out of 10. the beginning is kinda cool with the rolling start but after that it goes back into BLOCKY spam of the keys. :kb: :kb: :kb: :kb: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

Party Time - shugo chara! party!
This was another one of those files I put off for a long time and then came back too. It actually came out way better than I expected IMO.
I feel like I did the right blend of hands holds and did quads in a tasteful manner. This one surprisingly did not feel overstepped. At the time I created it I think I actually thought it was a pretty lame chart but now I think its actually one of the better files of mine. I SCORE THIS A 6 out of 10. Just slightly above average, I almost gave it a 5.5 out of 10 score.

Programming for Non Fiction - yoku wakaru gendai mahou
This was actually a really good anime I recommended it if you never watched it back in 2009. As for this Chart, its actually pretty good. I really liked what I did with it. I stepped so many sounds and managed to blend a flow through out the song. Most people glanced over this one back in the day but I really enjoyed it and you might too Give it a try! I SCORE THIS A 8 out of 10! I didnt over step this one and it just seems to work. Thats my OPINION, hey I just like this file.

Ryuusai Record - Hidamari Sketch
Another hidamari sketch song, straight to the point eeh, this charts layering felt a bit disorganized. I literally put hands in some places that didnt really need them but thats a running theme here lol. this chart could have been done better but as is, it is an average throw away. I SCORE THIS A 4 out of 10. nothing more to say except Kiko way..

Shut Up And Feel My Vibes - Vocaloid original.
What can iI say, I needed a vocaloild song to jump on the bandwagoon when this was all the rage in 2009. This simfile felt offsync and also stepped very sloppy. I dunno what it is but it just feels off to me. maybe its in my head but I really dont think this should have made it into the pack as a serious simfile. Ill Try it again later and make a final judgement but as of now I think this file gets a 3 out of 10

Silky Heart - ToraDora! aka Silky FARTS
This Simfile was a WHAT I THOUGHT TO BE A THROW AWAY. I dont know why I had something against this chart cos its actually kinda fun and I like it now. At the time I released it Tweety3187 actually complimented me on and that shit blew my mind cos I was sitting there just going this shit is pure TRASH lol. Its not over stepped follows a good flow. Its a decent simfile give it a go. I RATE IT A 7 outta 10 due to tweety co sign.

Taisho.A Higurashi No Naku Ni
Ok heres a simfile I defend to the death and not cos if you watch the anime everyone ends up dead at least once or twice...
Yea Higurashi was definitely one of my ALL TIME favorite anime shows hands down. As for this song and the chart I stepped for it, I pat my self on the back. Cos this song is very slow bpm and also pretty much very instrument and piano heavy but that bass and I guess its called a snare?? brings it all together. I made this chart as creative as possible with whats available to me to use with this song and I think its a personal master piece for me. I can play this simfile 10000 times and never get bored of it. Its an easy attainable and rewarding AAAA for you god players out there, you wont feel like I handed that high score to you for free. I SCORE THIS A 10 out of 10. its really as perfect as I'd want it to be.

Yahho - Kannamemo
This anime was ridiculous and this simfile was actually not to bad its ok but still was having a bit of the overstep syndrome I was going through except I feel like I stopped stepping it past the middle of the song and just kept the skeleton for one of the sections lol.
I dont have much more to say on this one. Same as some of the other files. I started to feel my charts all seemed to similar. SCORE FOR THIS FILE a solid 5.2 out 10.

Yappari Sekai Ha Atashi Legend!! - Koihime Musou
Welp This is the end and last file I have to review. So how is this file you ask? Its a blocky mess lol. It could have been way better for one of those hyper singing speed songs. I feel I was phoning some of these in and it shows. SCORE for the simfile is a solid meh 4.9 outta 10. After playing all these files you would understand lol.

I hope you guys have fun going through this and enjoying a trip down memory lane from one of the communities active creators from the 2007 - 2010 era of stepmania.

- Typh00n aka one of The_Figurant's aka Douche Bag aka TROLL aka sophisticated stepman aka ACRAZYMOTHERFUCKER aka THE OLIGARCHS AKA everyone secretly hates me but its not a secret

Shout out to IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER Jubo, Don, Shamei, Nick, Thuy, Eriol , Ciunek, Lain, Ophi , TetraSlash and everyone I cant remember off the top of my head shout out to all youz out there. Hope everyone still DANCING WITH INTENSITY in some way. Stay thirsty my friend   8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :oldstepmania: :arrow: <3

Again please Forgive any terrible spelling or grammatical errors.

Also who remembers Inex, That dude... His troll was just on another level. 


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Re: The Remastered Project Pack Review
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2018, 10:11:15 AM »
This is exactly the typh00n I remember holy shit

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Re: The Remastered Project Pack Review
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2018, 11:27:08 AM »
reading song titles and give me a damn nostalgic. man XD

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Re: The Remastered Project Pack Review
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2018, 12:57:49 PM »
"But why "My jubo Will Go On" you ask? Cos jubo was the complete opposite of hardcore SUPER dump files lol."
"But still what I refer to as the JUBO STAIRCASE patterns made its way into this file, although thats not a bad thing in general."

  8) <3 <3 <3
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  8) <3 <3 <3
typh00n HD ReMASTERs Pack. can't wait :D
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Re: The Remastered Project Pack Review
« Reply #4 on: June 03, 2018, 03:08:13 PM »
thats some nice escribuhabuha up in dis biatch 8)

think my favorite is still moonearth even though ive always sucked at it

if you release it there's probably going to be some shit necromancy spell up in the channel and all the old skellies going to try out the OLDs and complain about carpal tunnel and how shit they are

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Re: The Remastered Project Pack Review
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2018, 02:10:22 AM »
The release is almost here stay tuned.

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Re: The Remastered Project Pack Review
« Reply #6 on: June 06, 2018, 10:51:10 PM »
Pack Released its over.
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