PSA: Quick reference to Dead Links Solution…

For those who are looking for our Otaku’s Dream Mix Packs + other affiliate OD Members simfile batch packs…

You can have scan through our download folder here:

Jubo’s Simfiles here:

Huzure’s Simfiles here:

StepMania Online Massive on A LOT of Packs here:

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The Packs we missed to announce: ODMix 3rd+4th Pad and Mini -KB- Releases

Hey all long time no post for sooooo long… over a year and half now since last post.

Most of the times we are, or rather Jubo who is posting this now, mostly active on Facebook ODMpage, Facebook Jubo Simfiles, Facebook StepMania Songs Anime and on the forums… so today will be the day I’ll update this, sort of short?

This update is on the Otaku’s Dream Mix pack releases… here we go, here is what you missed over the one year of no post.

Otaku’s Dream 3rd Pad Mix
2014-10-20 (patched)

Otaku’s Dream 4th Pad Mix
OD4 - bn

ODMix Mini -KB-

Though there are some problems in the 3rd pad mix due to itsugo’s simfiles being overwritten mistake or was it a bug? anyways it is in the past. Though I do not know when is the ETA for the fix so mmm…

In terms of Otaku’s Dream Mix projects… we are still alive though… limited players and simfile creators… the aging of our community members and not mention the lost of interest over the year (well, excluding with the recent AGDQ2016 showcase rise).

In this year… expect 11th Anime Mix and 5th Pad Mix!!!

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Otaku’s Dream 3rd Mix and Tweety 201-225 RELEASED! + more

We are now in the new server… and I am going to be doing alot of stuff and change here…

Otaku’s Dream Mix 3rd

Tweety’s Simfiles 201-225 /!f9ZmRKzT!ZN7cyEkHb-uexbDFrRNhYlQKreJ_hUvMWip-iw7qI9w

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Jubo Simfiles Revival! 001-025 reworks & 151-175 PAD Batch!

Hey all! Wow… it has been a long time since I posted something here!…
So, it is finally my turn to post something I made 😀

Here you go! feel free to enlarge you stepmania collection HAHAHAAH~!

Visit the Main OD Simfiler Page:


Jubo ODForums’ thread:


Jubo Facebook’s page:

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Otaku’s Dream Mix 3 -Keyboard- Released!

You full story of this release… Please click here! to teh forums you go!

Keyboard Charts! 3rd Mix by our Project Leader Mr. DarkCalibur!!!

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