PSA: Quick reference to Dead Links Solution…

For those who are looking for our Otaku’s Dream Mix Packs + other affiliate OD Members simfile batch packs…

You can have scan through our download folder here:

Jubo’s Simfiles here:

Huzure’s Simfiles here:

Aikyoku’s Simfiles here:

StepMania Online Massive Download Pack List here:

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One Response to PSA: Quick reference to Dead Links Solution…

  1. Anonymous Passerby says:

    Huzure’s banner was a “dead” link for me, but when I checked the URL I noticed that there was no colon after the http, which caused my browser to interpret it as “http://http//www…” and thus not work. It’s possible that any other dead links on the site might also be small typos like that which are hard to notice but simple to fix.

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