6th Anime Mix Released~!

Head over to the forums for more information…

6th Anime Mix Banner

Releaed on December 31st 2010 (New Year's Gift)

While I try to catch up with new releases…

A standalone page of 6th Anime mix will be up soon… maybe?
lol done here you go… http://www.otakusdream.com/news/?page_id=169

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5 Responses to 6th Anime Mix Released~!

  1. Ningen says:

    nice mix

    hoping next ones will be as awesome as this magnificient work of amazingness

  2. YoK says:

    Hi Jubo, I’m Yok, and I went to greet and congratulate you on these packs and offer a “second home” on my website to publish your packs (I had done it myself but I would do without permission), also would be grateful to contribute for our website that just started today … waiting for your response … Yok … ^ ^
    PS: these packs you can upload to the web page with a link that they already have …

  3. Sakido says:

    I have a question why is it that as you guys made more packs the difficulty skyrocketed it seems that you guys have ramped up the difficulty insanely high I used to be able to play most standard difficulty maps before but not now my hand literally hurts trying to play these nightmares.

    • Jubo says:

      “why is it that as you guys made more packs the difficulty skyrocketed”
      – Project Leader(s) changed… different approach/views on the pack.

      Most likely you are playing STANDARD/MEDIUM charts are meant for PAD players… since the previous Otaku’s Dream Anime Mix 1-5, when I was leading it, my requirements was to add PAD charts to lower charts (Beginner – Heavy or Challenge, if possible). So maybe you are use to playing PAD packs than KB Packs.

      In Fact, this 6th Anime Mix is a KEYBOARD Pack… meant for advanced or geared to people who plays really difficult songs. Though!!!

      This Anime Mix has a lot of chart difficulties for each people in there own levels in KEYBOARD… It sad to say the forum post doesn’t seem explain it that much… or rather none -.-

    • xyanide1986 says:

      Then pick an easier difficulty, the reason we put them there is exactly because of these problems people had with the ODMix pack (that one was strictly KB and maybe 2 charts per song). This pack has a load of charts that are very playable on pad.
      This also makes it easier to get better on KB, and you can train yourself all over a single pack which is a rare thing for KB packs to begin with.

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