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Current Project Leader: Lisek & LK4D4
Currently disabled project.

It has been 6 or so more months this project has been stalled, delayed and pushed back. On its 3rd delayed deadline, it finally got serious… So, this project hasn’t been a steady common interest on people (sigh -.-;) But hopefully this will spark a 2nd Mix with this release.

For those that do not know this mix’s content. It is just basically all the Japanese songs that does not match the other current projects we are doing ( which includes Anime Music Video that Fan Made or M@D) that do not belong and maybe the late submission of the previous works that didn’t make it to the other projects. I think I got that right? I really dunno the exact details or may I got the right details up there.

Enjoy the available Project Mixes below ^_^

List of Song Packs available to download

1st Japan Mix


2nd Japan Mix


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    All Otaku’s Dream packs can be found on this webpage:


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