5th Anime Mix

Released on September 7th, 2008
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Quick ShortCuts
Project Leader Note :: How to Install :: Statistics:: Download :: Song List ::
Major Thanks Yous to?

xyanide1986 (our PRO Audio Specialist)
neothe0ne (Our Video Complaint Advisor or inspector :))
KiKaider (participating on Group Banner Submission)
pig2cat (our and maybe only XDCC BOT provider we have, <3)
DiWu (our special DDL Servers provider who maintains server us)
musicfreak87 (Who or might or will provide his server for our pack DDLs)
as33 (as always helped with FileFront DDLs)
nick (the based where all the simfiles started collecting, FORUMS and FTP)
redwing (providing us his webserver for our website, for free~! Major THANKS to you man… More donations coming soon ;))
Onisan (just being there 🙂 one of our “best” friends, too bad did not participated this mix :()
Testers (I am so sorry who are you all, but major thanks to them 🙂 without it then . . .)
Banner Makers (to those who created and submitted their banners on the forums thanks)
Stepfile Makers (uhh without us we won’t be release this right?)

Of course we must Thanks to people above for their time, exhaustion, and maybe money spent on these awesome simfiles and work on this pack.
– Jubo, Me, I have a huge stress and workage on this pack, but its all worth it for the sake of you guys and girls ^_^

And thank you for waiting 🙂

Project Leader Notes:

Hey all,

Thanks for downloading Otaku’s Dream 5th Anime Mix.

There are alot of things changed from the original BETA PACK created back in July. It was pretty much severely downsizing from that point. It was about uhhh… 314 Simfiles?

After that BETA PACK there goes with updating the PASS and PENDING files. Well, it turn out to be a disappointment since not many did update their simfiles… so which lead me to not to many deletion to the final release numbers.

Till the Deadline of BETA2 Update… there were about hmm… I think it was 232 songs on the pack. As the days gone by the ending of the August, many stepfile artist started to drop, removed, or collaborated their simfiles. The simfile total gone gradually to 207 or 209 simfiles… we debated on how many simfiles we should keep in the pack and oh joy we have pretty much flying numbers everywhere on IRC channel. Some or rather all of us fool/joke around as usual… hehe some hilarious times indeed and I didn’t agree to some so I keep to my original thought of 200. LOL, I over ruled them which is eh… not great, sorry.

Anyways… I know some of you participants submitted your submission and failed. I would like to thank you for trying and hopefully you get better and better on learning the world of simfiling a “great” simfiles.

But for those who PASSED/PENDING and didn’t made it in the pack. I’m so sorry for that and yes, it saddens, or maybe not many of the simfiles I tested I’m sadden, that your simfile(s) is not added on the pack… I know you were this close to getting in the pack but there is always next mix. I know some of you dropped and removed your simfiles due to what reasons you’ve told me, except a couple that wanted out but I refused their request, so that I AM really sadden that wasn’t in the pack (for those I refused I am joyous on keeping it haha~!).

Okay, about this pack… It may have problems so we might release a patch pack later after release if spot them. So sorry if this pack is not 100% complete and error free; we are humans after all right? So, if you see any errors or any kind of maybe bother you, please don’t hesitate to tell me on the forum or email or Private Message me on forums.

There is alot of stress and a lot of researching on this pack for me to work on so it was gruesome some days. Working on it mosting at night and 24 hrs a day in like first 3 days after final deadline. My my, those times where pretty much 🙂 that satistfying and felt proud I worked on it. This pack may or may not be best, but I and all the others who help this pack for you all to enjoy… I hope you all do 🙂 To be honest 200 songs is alot… I don’t mind being this much, but in fact this pack is actually 2 mixes in one. This like 5th and 6th Anime Mix merged into 1 mix for 5th Anime Mix. With 1 year delay from 4th Anime mix… It is pretty much ooooo~! alot. So, it may be the best yet? in terms of song quantity. Our group has problems with quality it seems… I think we did increase it a bit… but we never know till we get the response from you players 🙂

With the ending sentence this never ending essay I guess? Thanks, enjoy our handship work on this pack. Go Anime ^^

How to install it:

What programs you need…

Archive Program:
Windows XP or Higher with Zip Compatibility
or WinZIP
or WinRAR
or 7zip
or other softwares or OS versions of archive extractor

StepMania Version / Build workables…
StepMania 4 (Build January 3rd 2008 or Later)
– Will work! Online Benefits too. LIFTs may not appear depending on noteskin (arrows).

StepMania 4 (Older Builds)
– Might work, might not work… but common problems are Video playback problems, Edit Crash, Missing Edit Chart, etc…
StepMania 3.95
– Might work?
StepMania 3.9 Plus (3.9+)
– Will work and definitely WILL WORK with LIFTs and ROLLs.
StepMania 3.9 Final
– will work but with some problems on Video Playback, and LIFTs and ROLLs with missing arrow section while gameplay

When Installing All-in-One Simfile / Video Only Packs…

Filenames like this:
Otaku’s Dream 5th Anime Mix (Video Only) [F5986071].rar
Otaku’s Dream 5th Anime Mix (Simfile Only) [2861147C].rar

Just extract the .ZIPs files to the StepMania\Packages folder
Keyword Packages

E.g. For example the folder(s) called:
C:\Program Files\StepMania\Packages
C:\Program Files\StepMania CVS\Packages

If you want to extract the .zips scroll down below.

– – –
When Installing the 3 Individual Simfile / Video Packs…

Filenames like this:
OD5AM -KB&PAD- (Simfile Only) [95DB6083].zip
OD5AM -KB- (Simfile Only) [E162D81B].zip
OD5AM -PAD- (Simfile Only) [D87535DF].zip
OD5AM -KB&PAD- (Video Only) [BE78472C].zip
OD5AM -KB- (Video Only) [9246945E].zip
OD5AM -PAD- (Video Only) [C3D37DD2].zip

you have two options:

1. Extract them to:
– kinda complicated for more computer illiterate/novices

C:\Program Files\StepMania
C:\Program Files\StepMania CVS

2. Move or Copy or Save them:
– Easy way and less steps/program needed

C:\Program Files\StepMania\Packages
C:\Program Files\StepMania CVS\Packages\

Now you are done 🙂


Number of Songs: 198
Only KB simfiles: 74
Only KB&PAD simfiles: 58
Only PAD Simfiles: 66
Simfile with Videos: 153 (Approximinately)
Stepfile Makers/Simfile Creators: 31
Collaboration Simfiles: 31
1st Most Collabs Stepfile Makers: LK4D4 (12)
2nd Most Collabs Stepfile Maker: neothe0ne (8)
1st Most Solo Stepfile Maker: neothe0ne (24)
2nd Most Solo Stepfile Maker: Tweety3187 (17)

StepMakers Stats:

StepMaker Name KB KB&PAD PAD Totals
StepMakers Appeared Singles Collabration
Ace Of Hearts 12 0 0 12 00
ACrazyOldMan 0 1 0 01 00
aloola 7 8 0 07 08
as33 0 1 0 01 00
ca25nada 0 1 0 00 01
Cobaltwire 0 1 0 00 01
CT_Warrior 1 0 0 01 00
DJ DMAxel 0 0 2 02 00
DJ Pop 0 9 0 09 00
Don 2 0 0 01 01
Fengrin 1 0 1 02 00
foamysminion 2 0 0 02 00
Ilonaya 1 9 0 09 01
Jubo 11 3 0 11 03
koa5001 0 1 4 04 01
Lain 2 1 0 02 01
Lisek 0 0 3 03 00
LK4D4 0 12 10 10 12
neothe0ne 0 8 24 24 08
nick 9 7 0 07 07
QED 2 0 0 02 00
Rob00996 0 0 6 06 00
rose 0 1 0 00 01
Sargon 1 1 3 05 00
SaymunZz 0 2 0 00 02
Shadowlord 0 0 1 01 00
Shoosha 1 0 0 01 00
Snelg 1 10 0 09 02
Tweety3187 15 2 0 17 04
Typh00n 14 0 0 14 00
Xion Steel 5 0 0 05 00
OwneD 1 1 0 00 02

Download Section

MediaFire Folder

Simfile Pack (No Videos) Downloads

Sectors of the Pack All-in-One

This Instead

KB Only
316 MB
CRC: CA602492
173 MB
CRC: 9B2243C4
184 MB
CRC: D87535DF
StepMania Directory StepMania Directory StepMania Directory ODM DDL Main

StepMania Online

SendSpaceMediaFire MediaFire

Video Pack (No Simfiles) Downloads

Sectors of the Pack All-in-One

This Instead

KB Only
507 MB
CRC: BE78472C
644 MB
CRC: 9246945E
546 MB
StepMania Directory


StepMania Directory


StepMania Directory


Video Addon

Song List

View Song List Image (KeyBoard)
View Song List Image (KeyBoard &PAD)
View Song List Image (PAD)

Keyboard Section

1. Ai no Hoshi / Jyukai (aloola)
2. Aijou◎Education / Little Non (nick)
3. Alumina / Nightmare (aloola)
4. Angel Rock ‘n Roll / Angel Tai (Tweety3187)
5. ano hi no kimi he / KOTOKO (Jubo)
6. ano hi no kimi he (Short Ver.) / KOTOKO (Jubo)
7. Apron Dake wa Toranai de! (Aloola) / Kitamura Eri (aloola)
8. Brand New World / D-51 (Shoosha)
9. Chiisana Tenohira ~Claire Mix~ / koutaq feat. CHATA (Tweety3187)
10. Colorful Days (Nick) / Rina Satou, Marina Inoue, Minori Chihara (nick)
11. Colorful Days (QED) / Rina Satou, Marina Inoue, Minori Chihara (QED)
12. Crossing Days / Ryoko Shintani (Tweety3187 & nick)
13. Crystal Energy (Tweety3187) / Minami Kuribayashi (Tweety3187)
14. DogFight / Move (Typh00n)
15. Farewell Song / Lia (Tweety3187)
16. Forever… / Savage Genius (Tweety3187)
17. Garasu no Hana / Iori (aloola)
18. Get Along / Masami Okui & Megumi Hayashibara (Xion Steel)
19. Give a Reason / Megumi Hayashibara (Xion Steel)
20. Groovy! / Koumi Hirose (Typh00n)
21. Hanamaru☆Sensation / Little Non (Lain)
22. Happy Days / Mai Nakahara (Typh00n)
23. Hare Hare Yukai ~Euro Mix~ / Aya Hirano, Minori Chihara & Yuuko Gotou (Don & nick)
24. Hare nochi hare! / Maho Tomita (aloola)
25. Himitsu Dolls / Mai Nakahara  & Ai Shimizu (Tweety3187)
26. I can’t get over your best smile / KOTOKO (Jubo)
27. I can’t get over your best smile (Short Ver.) / KOTOKO (Jubo)
28. I DO / The Indigo (Typh00n)
29. Ice Candy / MAKO (aloola)
30. Ichigo Complete / Saeko Chiba, Fumiko Orikasa, Ayako Kawasumi & Mamiko Noto (nick)
31. Innocent Blue / DeviceHigh (Don)
32. Itsuka Tokeru Namida / Savage Genius (Typh00n)
33. Jama wa Sasenai / Masami Okui (Xion Steel)
34. JOINT / Mami Kawada (OwneD)
35. komm, susser Tod ~Amaki shi yo, Kitare / Dj Florence & Hideaki Anno (foamysminion)
36. Kujikenai Kara! / Masami Okui & Megumi Hayashibara (Xion Steel)
37. Kumikyoku ‘Lucky Star Douga’ / Lucky Star no Minna (Ilo)
38. Kumikyoku ‘Lucky Star Douga’ (Shortcut Ver.) / Lucky Star no Minna (Tweety3187 + py7133 + Nick)
39. Kusari / Akiko kawakami (Typh00n)
40. Kuusou Rumba (KB) / Kenji Ohtsuki & Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi (Fengrin)
41. Kyouran Senki ~Nichijou no Kamisama~ (KB) / Ayumi Fujimura (nick)
42. Last Regrets ~Xmas Dance Mix~ / Eiko Shimamiya (Typh00n)
43. Let Me Be With You / ROUND TABLE featuring Nino (Tweety3187)
44. Life / YUI (Tweety3187)
45. Little Wing (KB) / Masami Okui (Tweety3187)
46. Lonesome Traveler / Mai Nakahara (Typh00n)
47. Makka na Chikai / Yoshiki Fukuyama (Snelg)
48. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ / eufonius (Tweety3187)
49. Midnight Blue / Megumi Hayashibara (Xion Steel)
50. Mitsukete Happy Life / Yuko Goto (Typh00n)
51. Moonlight Densetsu / Sanae Shintani (Tweety3187)
52. Motteke! Sailor Fuku (REDALiCE Remix) / Hirano Aya, Katou Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endo Aya (foamysminion)
53. Nano Desu☆ (nick) / Yui Horie (nick)
54. Noize Tribe / Move (Typh00n)
55. Onna no Ko♥Otoko no Ko / Yuko Ogura (Tweety3187)
56. Powerful Summer / Asami Sanada, Miyuki Sawashiro, & Kyouko Hikami (Typh00n)
57. Prism / Ayako Ikeda (aloola)
58. Puzzle / ROUND TABLE featuring NINO (Tweety3187)
59. Romancing Train / Move (Tweety3187)
60. Sakura Kiss / Chieco Kawabe (Tweety3187)
61. Senecio / Kaori Utatsuki (Jubo)
62. Senecio (Short Ver.) / Kaori Utatsuki (Jubo)
63. Shine of Voice / Dream (CT_Warrior)
64. Shining Collection / Iceman (Lain)
65. Shinjitsu no uta / Do As Infinity (Typh00n)
66. Sketch Switch (KB) / Kana Asumi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Ryoko Shintani & Yuko Goto (nick)
67. Sono Saki no Justice (Short Edit) / Yui Horie (Sargon)
68. Synchronicity / Yui Makino (Tweety3187)
69. tiny days / Mami Kawada (Jubo)
70. tiny days (Short Ver.) / Mami Kawada (Jubo)
71. Tomorrow / Shimokama Mikuni (QED)
72. Uninstall / Chiaki Ishikawa (Tweety3187)
73. Welcome 2000 / Asami Sanada, Miyuki Sawashiro, & Kyouko Hikami (Typh00n)
74. Yuujou Monogatari / Aice5 (Typh00n)

KeyBoard & Pad Section

1. Alsatia / Galneryus (Mnemosyne Opening)
2. Aozora Loop / marble (KimiKiss Pure Rouge Opening)
3. Apron Dake wa Toranai de! (DJ Pop) / Kitamura Eri (Koharu Biyori Opening)
4. Ash Like Snow / the brilliant green (Gundam 00 2nd Opening)
5. BAMBOO BEAT / Ryou Hirohashi, Megumi Toyoguchi, Sachiko Kojima, Houko Kuwashhima, & Rina Satou (Bamboo Blade Opening)
6. Chasse (LK4D4 Pad Ver.) / Kaori Utatsuki (Hayate no Gotoku! 3rd Ending)
7. Chasse (neothe0ne Pad Ver.) / Kaori Utatsuki (Hayate no Gotoku! 3rd Ending)
8. Cheer! ~Makkana Kimochi~ (DJ Pop) / Sakai Kanako (REC Opening)
9. Chosai Kenbo Sengen / MOSAIC.WAV (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Opening)
10. Damn Twisted Person / Kenji Otsuka & zetsubou shoujo-tachi (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1st Opening)
11. Dan Dan Dan / SUN&LUNAR (Seto no Hanayome 2nd Ending)
12. Dancing in the Velvet Moon / Nana Mizuki (Rosario To Vampire Ending)
13. DAYBREAK’S BELL / L’Arc~en~Ciel (Gundam 00 1st Opening)
14. Eternal Snow / Changin’ my Life (Full Moon wo Sagashite 3rd Ending)
15. Footprints / Monet (H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ Insert Song)
16. forever we can make it! / THYME (To LOVE Ru Opening)
17. Furare Kibun de Rock’n Roll / DROPS (Doki Doki School Hour Ending)
18. Furefurepponpon! / Kadowaki Mai & Sawashiro Miyuki (Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Ending)
19. Get My Way! / Mami Kawada (Hayate no Gotoku! 2nd Ending)
20. Gravity / m.o.e.v (Lucky Star Insert Song)
21. Higher and Higher (Elie version) / Ayako Kawasumi (Groove Rave Adventure 2nd Opening)
22. I love You / THE*SCANTY (Full Moon wo Sagashite 1st Opening)
23. Katamichi Catch Ball / MOSAIC.WAV (Potemayo Opening)
24. Keikenchi Joushouchuu ☆ / Rina Satou, Marina Inoue, Minori Chihara (Minami-ke Opening)
25. ko no me kaze / IKU (Hayate no Gotoku 4th Ending)
26. Kouga Ninpou Chou / Onmyouza (Basilisk Opening)
27. Kuuchuu Meiro / marble (Kamichama Karin 2nd Ending)
28. Last Moment / Yousei Teikoku (Mai-Hime)
29. Love Chronicle / Changin’ my Life (Full Moon wo Sagashite 4th Ending)
30. Love Song Kamo Shirenai / Kitamura Eri & Akesaka Satomi (Koharu Biyori Ending)
31. Lucky Tune / Anna (To LOVE Ru 1st Ending)
32. Myself / Changin’ my Life (Full Moon wo Sagashite 2nd Ending)
33. Nano Desu☆ (DJ Pop) / Yui Horie (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai – Hanyuu)
34. New Future / Changin’ my Life (Full Moon wo Sagashite 1st Ending)
35. O2 (LK4D4 Pad Ver.) / ORANGE RANGE (Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 1st Opening)
36. O2 (neothe0ne Pad Ver.) / ORANGE RANGE (Code Geass R2 1st Opening)
37. Oshiete Sensei-san / Sora Izumikawa (Bottle Fairy Opening)
38. Pray / Nana Mizuki (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Insert Song)
39. Resonance / T.M Revolution (Soul Eater Opening)
40. Rettsu Apricot Taisou / Yuuna Inamura (Galaxy Angel Rune)
41. Rock ‘n Roll Princess / THE*SCANTY (Full Moon wo Sagashite 2nd Opening)
42. Roulette Roulette / Momotsuki Gakuen Ichinen C Gumi feat. Ichijou-san (Pani Poni Dash 2nd Opening)
43. Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume / yozuca* (D.C. ~Da Capo~ Opening)
44. Senketsu no Chikai / Yousei Teikoku (Magical Pokaan Opening)
45. Shining Stars bless / Kaori Utatsuki (Nanatsuiro Drops Opening)
46. Sociometry / KOTOKO (Shakugan no Shana II 2nd Ending)
47. Sorairo Days / Shoko Nakagawa (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Opening)
48. Splash BLUE ~ Taiyou to Lemonade~ / Ayumi Murata (Kenko Zenraki Suieibu Umisho Ending)
49. STAR RISE / Ryou Hirohashi, Megumi Toyoguchi, Sachiko Kojima, Houko Kuwashhima, & Rina Satou (Bamboo Blade Ending)
50. Swinging / Muramasa☆ (The Tower of DRUAGA ~the Aegis of URUK~ Opening)
51. This Night / CHEMISTRY (Terra e… 2nd Ending)
52. triangle / Mami Kawada (Shakugan no Shana II 1st Ending)
53. Ultra Relax / Tomoe Shinohara (Kodomo no Omocha 2nd Opening)
54. Unnamed World / Aya Hirano (Nijuu-Mensou no Musume Ending)
55. Utsusemi no Kage / Kukui (Rozen Maiden Ouverture Ending)
56. Wild Eyes / Nana Mizuki (Basilisk 2nd Ending)
57. Yubikiri / Kadowaki Mai & Sawashiro Miyuki (Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun Opening)
58. Yume Miru Ai Tenshi (Para Para Mix) / Yoko Ishida (Wedding Peach Opening)

Pad Section

1. Baracarole ~a capella~ / Eri Kawai (ARIA The ANIMATION Insert Song)
2. Beautiful Amulet / Yukari Tamura (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 2nd Ending)
3. being / KOTOKO (Shakugan no Shana 2nd Opening)
4. Believe / Folder5 (One Piece 2nd OP)
5. BLAZE / KOTOKO (Shakugan no Shana II 2nd Opening)
6. Boku ha Koushin Saremashita / Ryou Hirohashi (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 5th Ending)
7. Bokura no Bouken / Kids Alive (Hikaru no Go 1st Ending)
8. Byakuya -True Light- / Shunichi Miyamoto (D.N.Angel Opening)
9. changes / Base Ball Bear (Toshokan Sensou Opening)
10. CHU-BURA / KELUN (Bleach 8th Opening)
11. Colors of the Heart / UVERworld (BLOOD+ 3rd Opening)
12. COSMIC LOVE / Nana Mizuki (Rosario + Vampire Opening)
13. Dango Daikazoku / Chata (CLANNAD Ending)
14. Doubt & Trust / access (D.Gray-man 3rd Opening)
15. Falco / Hitomi Shimatani (Ueki no Housoku 1st OP)
16. Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi / ON/OFF (Vampire Knight Opening)
17. Galaxy Bang Bang -Long Version- / Angel-Tai (Galaxy Angel Opening)
18. Ganbare Kataomoi / Mikako Takahashi (Hayate no Gotoku! – Ayumu Nishizawa)
19. Gekidou / UVERworld (D.Gray-man 4th Opening)
20. happily ever after / Shoko Nakagawa (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 1.5th Ending)
21. Hare Hare Yukai / Aya Hirano, Minori Chihara & Yuuko Gotou (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Ending)
22. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni / Eiko Shimamiya (Opening Theme)
23. Honto no Jibun / Buono! (Shugo Chara! 1st Ending)
24. Houki Boshi / Younha (Bleach 3rd Ending)
25. Houki Gumo / RYTHEM (Yakitate!! Japan 1st OP)
26. I~Jan Yuujou / MAKI (Doujin Works Opening)
27. Ike Ike / Tri-Star (Ichigo 100% Ending)
28. Kaze Ni Nare / JAM Project (eX-Driver Opening)
29. Kaze no tadoritsuku basho / Ayana (Kanon 2006 Ending)
30. Kin no Nami Sen no Nami / Akino Arai (ARIA The ORIGINATION 1st Ending)
31. Kizuna / Kra (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s 1st Opening)
32. Kuusou Rumba (Pad) / Kenji Ohtsuki & Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi (Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Opening)
33. Kyouran Senki ~Nichijou no Kamisama~ (PAD) / Ayumi Fujimura (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 1st Ending)
34. Little Wing (Pad) / Masami Okui (Scrapped Princess Opening)
35. Little Wish -Long Version- / Yukari Tamura (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Ending)
36. Love Tropicana Final / Sister Mayo with Rikako Aikawa (Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Final Opening)
37. Mahoro De Mambo / Triomatic (Yumi Kikuchi, Manabi Mizuno & Asami Sanada) (Mahoromatic Ending)
38. MASSIVE WONDERS / Yukari Tamura (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 2nd Opening)
39. Nanairo Nadeshiko / Sister X Sisters (Love Get Chu Opening)
40. Natsuiro No Kakera / Yoko Ishida (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Ending)
41. Proof / MELL (Hayate no Gotoku! 1st Ending)
42. Ride On Shooting Star / The Pillows (FLCL Ending)
43. Rinbu-REVOLUTION / Shoko Nakagawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena Opening)
44. Sailor Moon / Moon Lips (Sailor Moon ENG Opening)
45. Secret Ambition / Nana Mizuki (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers 1st Opening)
46. sense / Mami Kawada (Shakugan no Shana II EP24 Ending)
47. Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi / KOTOKO (Hayate no Gotoku! 2nd Opening)
48. Sketch Switch (Pad) / Kana Asumi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Ryoko Shintani & Yuko Goto (Hidamari Sketch Opening)
49. Sono Mama no Boku de / eufonius (true tears Insert Song)
50. SOS Nara Daijoubu / Aya Hirano (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu – Haruhi)
51. Sousei No Aquarion / AKINO (1st Opening)
52. Special Life! / KOTOKO (Kamen no Maid Guy Opening)
53. stars / Yura Hinata (SHUFFLE! – Kareha)
54. still doll / Kanon Wakeshima (Vampire Knight Ending)
55. Tabi no Tochuu / Natsumi Kiyoura (Spice and Wolf Opening)
56. Take It Shake It / Sugar (Kaleido Star 1st Opening)
57. That Chap -Long Version- / Dicot (Super Gals)
58. THE PITFALLS / Takayuki Kondou (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 2nd Ending)
59. The Power of Love / Jennifer Cihi (Sailor Moon R Insert Song)
60. Toumei Shelter / Kukui (Rozen Maiden Ending)
61. White Destiny -Long Version- / Yoko Ishida (Pretear Opening)
62. Work guy!! / Yoshiki Fukuyama (Kamen no Maid Guy Ending)
63. Yume Delivery / Kana Asumi (Hidamari Radio X 365 Opening)
64. Yumemiru Otome / Mai Mizubashi (Doujin Works Ending)
65. Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis / Shoko Nakagawa (Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening)
66. Zetsubou BILLY / MAXIMUM THE HORMONE (Death Note 2nd Ending)

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    Seems like the download links are reversed between vid and no vid, no vid gives me the file with vids and vice versa. Noticed this on 2nd anime mix too.

  9. matias saenz says:

    yo no se como descargar un stpmania siempre ay un error dice que:por que le falta d3dx9_43.dll en el equipo intente reinstalar el programa para corregir el probrema t lo ago y sige

  10. matias saenz says:


  11. matias saenz says:


  12. ElectoKol says:

    Make another version of the Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi song, the one where himegami is shown. Your copy is the old one, thanks

  13. Watson690 says:

    “I can’t get over your best smile”, “Splash Blue ~Taiyou to Lemonade~”, “Swinging” and “Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis” need passwords upon unzip but I can’t see any passwords around here to use 🙁 (I used the all-in-one download from “UpToBox” via EmbedUpload as it was the only full download that was working)

  14. Mirayu says:

    Hi, thank you for all downloads, i love your work 🙂
    but the Video Part 2 + 3 from rapidshare didnt work 🙁 (“File not found”)

  15. ReAvenger says:

    The all-in-one (simfile pack) embedupload is linked to nothing, could you please fix it

  16. Kikousu says:

    Just wondering, I’ve downloaded all of the different parts. I’ve only put part one of what I’ve downloaded so far onto the song list on Stepmania and it seems to work. Just wondering if I still have to upload the other parts.

  17. Caprice says:

    excuse me, does KB&PAD mean its good to play the simfiles on both(KB&PAD) and
    can one of the simfiles merge with different sector(like KB simfiles + Video Pact of PAD)?

    • Jubo says:

      Yes, the simfiles in that section have Keyboard difficulties (mostly set as EDIT or CHLG and a few on Beginner mode/charts, you’ll see the differences on the Groove Radar or NoteStats) and PAD Difficulties… They are separate song selection from all sections and maybe coincidence some songs are the same in this sections may or most likely not done by the same simfile creator..

  18. Dex says:

    Any chance of getting the download links updated please? =(

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