1st Hentai Mix

Released on January 2nd, 2007


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1. Ai no kami, Tamashii karu mono -For Love And Death- / NAKI (Tweety3187)
2. Awayuki / ave,new feat. Saori Sakura (Lisek)
3. Beautiful Harmony / Yui Sakakibara (Tweety3187)
4. Chu x Chu!! / Sakakibara Yui (Ilo)
5. Dote Up A Cat! / Rita (Asahina-san)
6. Face of Fact / KOTOKO (Xion Steel)
7. Face of Fact-feel arrange ver.- / Hiromi Sato (Tweety3187)
8. Fragment / Aki Misawa (Tweety3187)
9. Genzai no Requiem / KOTOKO (Jubo)
10. Glass no Loneliness / Riryka (Tweety3187)
11. Green Green / NANA / Milktub (errorrrr)
12. Heart to Heart / Arisa Nakayama (errorrrr)
13. Koi no Hana / Naoko Yoshida (Tweety3187)
14. Kono Hana Sakukoro / Yui Sakakibara (Tweety3187)
15. Lead Out / Chiaki Takahashi (Tweety3187)
16. Love Paint / Yuna (Tweety3187)
17. MAH-JONG / Yuria (Tweety3187)
18. Mawaru Sekai de / Haruka Shimotsuki/Riya (Tweety3187)
19. Melty Snow / Kawada Mami (Ilo)
20. Princess Brave! / KOTOKO (Ilo)
21. Princess Bride! (Ilonaya) / KOTOKO (Ilo)
22. Princess Bride! (Xion) / KOTOKO (Xion Steel)
23. Private Place / Ayane (Tweety3187)
24. Run for Tomorrow / SAORI (Xion Steel)
25. Snow (Album Mix) / Eiko Shimamiya (Tweety3187)
26. Spiritual Love / Mayu (Tweety3187)
27. Steady Kiss / ave,new feat. Saori Sakura (MoonBaka)
28. Summer Days / YURIA (Jubo)
29. Sweets Parade / Berry Very Rabbits (Ilo)
30. This World is a Roulette / YURIA (Ilo)
31. Tori no Uta / Lia (Ilo)
32. true my heart / ave,new feat. Saori Sakura (Asahina-san & Jubo)
33. Tsukihime BGM Mix / Miscellanious (Asahina-san & Tweety3187)
34. You make my day! / YURIA (Asahina-san)

9 Responses to 1st Hentai Mix

  1. Nekomimibadik says:

    Actually this one link doesnt work at all. all the links to all servers leave you with file not found
    http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3DFNJKHYHY (Main Pack)

  2. Nekomimibadik says:

    Any possibility to update links? cus those not work for me. Wanna download this one with vids. Thanks in advance

  3. Ted Mateo says:

    Having fun in a comic to the maximum isn’t really easy like it appears. It needs much more knowledge of the theme and personalities.

  4. Just to let you know that the filefont and the stepmania directory arent available rigth now to download this, imhaving trouble to understand how to use the ilivid thing to download this pack, so if you can check that please.

    • Hannah says:

      I have played both of these Hentai packs, and most of them do have video but you can choose to download it without the video add-on. But also, even the ones that do have video are normally just videos of the game openings which have little to no actual “hentai” in them. The most I have gotten is a boob and panty shot or two, which shouldn’t “disgust” anyone.

  5. Lunacie says:

    Does anybody knows if it contains videos ?
    I want to give it a try because I need more songs, and even if its an hentai pack, maybe I can play it if there are no digusting videos ^^

  6. Wootaz says:

    Umm… can anyone update?

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