TouRenKyo Pack II

Touhou Rensou Kyoku Pack II

Touhou Rensou Kyoku Pack II

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This is a joint effort between Ophi, Don- and me (Tweety3187), with Ophi making the GFX. Basically, we split the absurdly long touhou piano medley track into 6 parts and stepped 2 each.

4 Responses to TouRenKyo Pack II

  1. Yuu San says:

    I’ve to say, i find embedupload very strange.

    I can’t find the download link anywhere. The only thing i can upload is, Liqvid or something.

  2. Jubo says:

    new link added. embedupload that is.

  3. Eberus Lux says:

    Again, broken links 😛

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