9th Anime Mix

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Extra thanks to Niko for all sorts of various things.
Thanks to Aloola and Ciunek for checks and fixes.
Thanks to all the people who submitted.


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Songlist (54 Songs)
Songlist Generator by Sargon.

1. (Dark) Burst The Gravity / ALTIMA
2. (Darkcalibur) Chase the World / May’n
3. (Kommisar) Choose Me♥Darling / StylipS
4. (porkypink) COLOR / MARiA
5. (aloola) filament / Yousei Teikoku
6. (aloola) Friends / Stephanie
7. (Darkcalibur) Go to the Top / Kumi Koda
8. (aloola) Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi / UVERworld
9. (aloola) Help!heaven! / U
10. (XC) Hikari no Senritsu / Kalafina
11. (Niko) HOWLING / abingdon Boys School
12. (aloola) Itsumo Nando Demo / B.U.S feat. MAKI
13. (Erebus Lux) JOINT / Mami Kawada
14. (Niko) JOINT / Kawada Mami
15. (aloola) Kansha. / RSP
16. (Fauch’) Kibou ni Tsuite / NO NAME
17. (porkypink) Koi Boudou / HAPPY BIRTHDAY
18. (Tweety3187) Kokoro Harete Yoru mo Akete / Yui Horie
19. (aloola) Kuchizuke / BUCK-TICK
20. (Tweety3187) LAMENT / Aoi Eir
21. (YONAKA) Link / Aimi
22. (Niko) Lion / May’n & Megumi Nakajima
23. (Tweety3187) Little Wing / Misato Aki
24. (Lynn) Love Kanon / Nakagawa Kanon (Nao Toyama)
25. (Re-Mix Version) Main Theme (Re-Mix Version) / Toshio Masuda
26. (porkypink) Make My Day! / Piko
27. (YONAKA) Makka na Chikai / Fukuyama Yoshiki
28. (Tweety3187) Manten / Kalafina
29. (Yume) Me wo Tojite Gyusshiyo / ABCHO
30. (R493) Meiya Kadenrou / Minami Kuribayashi
31. (Dark Luna) Meteor Impact / Tamura Yukari
32. (Kaneh) My Dearest / supercell
33. (aloola) Namida no Mukou / Stereopony
34. (Shizuru) Nijiiro Sentimental / Hashimoto Miyuki
35. (Yume) Nippon Egao Hyakkei / Momokurotei Ichimon
36. (nick) Nippon Egao Hyakkei / Momokurotei Ichimon
37. (R493) Northern Cross / May’n
38. (melon) PHANTOM MINDS / Nana Mizuki
39. (kazehane) Raise / Yui Ogura
40. (Scintill) Realization / Faylan
41. (YONAKA) Reason why XXX / Sasaki Sayaka
42. (Tweety3187) Saa / Surface
43. (porkypink) Sekai wa Okujou de Miwataseta / SKET x Sketch
44. (Tweety3187) Sketch Switch / Masaaki Endoh
45. (Kommisar) Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos / Ushiro kara Haiyoritai G
46. (YONAKA) Taiyou Iwaku Moeyo Chaos / Ushiro Kara Haiyoritai G
47. (Kaneh) The Everlasting Guilty Crown / EGOIST
48. (Tweety3187) Tokimeki no Doukasen / Yukari Konno
49. (aloola) Trust You / Itou Yuna
50. (Jubo) Wake Up / ClariS
51. (aloola) Wana / THE BACK HORN
52. (porkypink) Wo Ai Ni / Takahashi Hitomi x Beat Crusaders
53. (Gundam-Dude) Yasashisa no Riyuu / Choucho
54. (Jubo) YOUTHFUL / 99RadioService

21 Responses to 9th Anime Mix

  1. Łukasz says:

    A great compilation of songs, I love her already 🙂 Thanks 🙂


  2. Masimaes says:

    guys u solve the problem with the full version? im runing Stepmania 3.9 and is impossible to play with vids this OD :/

  3. Spyk says:

    I really love the songs u guys pick…….but is it possible to make them a bit easier for dancing mat players please!! i can’t play the last 2 pack!! they r just toooooooo hard!!! 3 buttons in a row and a whole page full of arrows…. is just not physically possible!! Is this aimed to be play on keyboards?? is there any suitable ones for dancing mats….TTATT??

  4. Andrew says:

    Seriously, I love you guys. I’m so proud to see that these are still being released.

  5. warcry says:

    please reupload on mediafire for no vid 🙁

  6. lolofdoom says:

    I seriously love you guys. I hope you guys keep making more!

  7. Masimaes says:

    Hi guys i like this OD Mix… i can play this packs in KB is not hard e.e … but well i need help with a bit problem… well i download the full pack of ODMix9th and the songs dont show me the videos ._. i got the anothers packs and the songs show me the videos… i dont know what is Dx anyone can help me?

  8. Alex says:

    The difficulty….so scary T_T guess I’m too weak after all…

  9. rave says:

    i always use 2 hands 4 finger to play at “wsda” keys….its easier fo me cuz i dont have to move my fingers around…but I guess it is an experience of 12 years of gaming hehe

  10. miia says:

    Anyone got gameplay videos of this pack? i would like to see a full combo video of challenge difficulty, if there’s no one, maybe dwi makers could adjust the difficulty to make sure there’s no IMPOSSIBLE or UNPLAYABLE dwi.

    just asking.

  11. Arty says:

    Nice songs, but could you make them a bit easyer? Like level 4, course I can’t dance them on my dance mat.

  12. Lunacie says:

    This is clearly not a 1-handed 2 -fingers player pack, but there are a few song you can try even if you’re an index player. I’ll give it a try.
    No need to wish death upon anybody…

  13. Anon says:

    >KB Only
    And by that you mean “Impossible shit that nobody gives a fuck about.”
    You’re all retarded, nobody but 4-handed Japs can play any of your keyboard shit. I hope you all die.

    • Tormented says:

      you gotta be a moron to say that, those simfiles aren’t even hard at all.

    • Lunacie says:

      Ok… Just tried it and could manage to play 90% of it using 1hand/2 fingers.
      This pack was great.
      Now just learn to play before you write such horrible things you morron.

      • Sam says:

        How you can play 90% of this with two fingers I’ll never know…

        I can play up to difficulty 8 on one hand – 3 fingers but above that I just can’t keep up (it’s the jumps mixed with note streaks that get me).

        I’ve recently started 2 hands to see if I can start using that. My hand just can’t jump around itself fast enough. I get all tangled up and I’m using three fingers…

      • Unknown old face says:

        Mine’s a controller 2hand/1 finger each. Some songs are very easy to play for me since my thumbs are fast enough from my experience from DDR SuperNova 2’s heavy mode songs.

    • DaVince says:

      Just admit that you’re terrible at it.

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