Hentai Mixes Page
ExProject Leader: Asahina-san (1st Mix)
Current Project Leader: LK4D4

The appearance of the hentai opening songs on 3rd mix, courtesy from UKUG’s simfiles, this mix has been offiicially made out of the sights of anime. Due to Jubo’s NSFW (Not Safe For Work) policy on the anime mix, though there is still some nsfw content on the anime mixes, and the fact anime and hentai should not combine for the safety of the audience/fans/players. So thus the Hentai Mix is created.

From the sudden disappearance of Asahina-san and whatever happen the after-math of her issues with us and herself. The Hentai Mix is on a limbo of who will take over or will it continue. Recently, we conducted a poll on the forum who will be the next leader, but we haven’t officially picked a leader, yet.

Edit: We officially have a new Project Leader. LK4D4

For now enjoy what you see below (^_^)

List of Song Packs available to download

1st Hentai Mix


2nd Hentai Mix


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    All Otaku’s Dream packs can be found on this webpage:


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