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This is just something I compiled together yesterday.
Some files were made as long as 1-2 years ago, some were made just last week.

The files only have one difficulty (Except for one collab with Stythe) ranging from 9-13. There’s mostly 9’s and 10’s though. Recommended for ITG players or anyone comfortable with DDR 10’s. If you are able to pass The legend of max, Max 300, Xuxa, Delirium, etc. you shouldn’t really have a problem with these. In any case, these are also fun to index, I guess xD. I know there are at least a couple of people that play ITG here, so I thought I’d post it anyways.

Note: You’ll have to delete the BGVid/Backgrounds for Bad Apple!!, Balalaika, Broken the Moon, and Dreams of an Absolution, if you wish to play these on a machine. The reason for this is because the machine will not read songs bigger than 5MB.

Song List

Ao-iconoclast – KOTOKO – Oni/Expert 9
Bad Apple!! – Alstroemeria Records – Heavy/Hard 10, Oni/Expert 10
Balalaika – Kusumi Koharu – Oni/Expert 10
Broken the Moon – Xi – Oni/Expert 13
Calamitytrigger – Daisuke Ishiwatari – Oni/Expert 10
CaptivAte~Chikai~ – A/I – Oni/Expert 11
Caramelldansen (Ryu* Remix) – RYU* – Oni/Expert 12
Chocolate Disco – Perfume – Oni/Expert 9
Cirno’s Perfect Math Class – IOSYS – Oni/Expert 11
Computer City – Perfume – Oni/Expert 9
Cypher Gate – 7 Sequence – Oni/Expert 10
Don’t be afraid myself – platoniX with ray.D – Oni/Expert 11
Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs JS Remix) – LB (Remix Factory) & Jun Senoue – Oni/Expert 10
Flowers – TERRA – Oni/Expert 10
Hard to Start – 015B – Oni/Expert 10
Heart of Witch – ReX – Oni/Expert 11
Into Your Heart (Ruffage Mix) – NAOKI feat. YASMINE – Oni/Expert 10
Ka Ra Ku Ri – Kugimiya Rie & Kitamura Eri & Horie Yui – Oni/Expert 11
moon_child – Shonen Radio – Oni/Expert 11
Perfect Star Perfect Style – Perfume – Oni/Expert 9
Polyrhythm – Perfume – Oni/Expert 9
Realize – Nami Tamaki – Oni/Expert 9

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