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Special thanks to ITSUGO15 for leading this awesome project!
and of course… to all who participated this MIX… without them we can’t even reach over 150 songs LMAO!
Last be not least, YOU the STEPMANIA PLAYERS always keep downloading Otaku’s Dream Packs for all these year.
Thank YOU! and ENJOY~!

Now, head on/scroll on below for your fun  8)

Download Links – DDLs + Torrent

MAIN (858 MB) [CRC: 7780DC60]

Otaku’s Dream Download Server

Video Addon 1+2 (1.03 GB each) [CRC: p1-014AC0CA | p2-C9C1FBE8]

OD – Part 1
Mega.nz – Part 1

OD – Part 2
Mega.nz – Part 2

TORRENT! Nyaa.se

Song List / Statistics

174 songs in total
All songs have jacket covers. SM5 compatible!
103 Huzure song file appearances (61% Huzure PACK!)
20 song file Collaborations
1 new simfile creator (sengetoey, Welcome!)

Released @ Sunday, November 15, 2015