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Jubo Simfiles Revival! 001-025 reworks & 151-175 PAD Batch!

Hey all! Wow… it has been a long time since I posted something here!… So, it is finally my turn to post something I made 😀 Here you go! feel free to enlarge you stepmania collection HAHAHAAH~! Visit the Main … Continue reading

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Gundam-Dude Releases…. Volumes of simfiles.

Well… I am so late with this but more than enough for people to download stuff I guess. You may show your appreciation over there –>

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Kinda Very Old News but… Solo Monogatari 2 RELEASED!

ODpage || Forum Page From: Sargon So thanks everyone for playing the first Solo Monogatari! (Now hitting 1600 downloads!) This sequel stays true to the original concept by having full difficulties charted for everyone but is more focused to recent … Continue reading

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New (well sorta?) Simfiler Appears: Niko!

So, Niko has joined in… You can download Niko’s 1st Minipack below on the simfile page 🙂

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New DDLs [MediaFire]… Split Main/Video Archive Style

I am trying to get all the packs up for DDL once again… my beautiful collections of anime/video games packs has been ruin by AMERICA, I mean MegaUpload. So here is the alternative, MediaFire… which I personally don’t like using. … Continue reading

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